2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct – Contents: Review – Key features – Features and benefits – Honda Gold Wing DCT 2023 Description: Automatic luxury. Introducing the Honda Gold Wing 2023 DCT…

The open road beckons, and always does. Humans work hard just to search, to see what lies beyond the horizon. Every motorcyclist knows that feeling. And one motorcycle does it better than any other: the Honda Gold Wing. All four levels of Gold Wings get bright lines and colors this year, as well as updated maps of the transportation system. But the best part remains – the famous 1833cc six-cylinder engine, a revised body to protect the wind, and a lot of wood. Packed with innovative engineering, all Gold Wing models are Android Auto compatible, and offer compatibility with Apple CarPlay. You can choose between a standard six-speed transmission and Honda’s seven-speed DCT automatic transmission, depending on the model. So go ahead, isn’t it about time you experienced the gold standard of touring bikes?

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

By 1972, Golden Wing had established itself as one of the best motorcycle touring brands in the world.

A Passenger Review Of The 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour Dct

It sets the standard for quality, safety and comfort for all passengers. No matter which bike you choose, you can be sure that there is a machine that will last a lifetime.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

The 2023 Wing Gold takes a less serious approach to style, performance and attitude. The sleek bodywork still offers better wind and weather protection than expected, but is now cooler and more aerodynamic, revealing more of the engine and chassis. On the road, it’s lighter, more responsive and more athletic – definitely not your grandma’s bike.

Every passenger can enjoy the added ventilation and weather protection of the Gold Wing’s fully adjustable electric windows. For better use, the mirror will move to the lowest position when the light is turned off. When you start riding again (5 km/h or more), the mirror returns to the last position you set.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

Remain Calm—honda’s Gold Wing Returns In 2023

Day or night, you’ll love the majestic golden winged LED lights. The design of the LED lights helps to clearly illuminate the road in the dark, while the LED headlights and taillights add to the styling of the motorcycle. In addition, the corner mirrors have incorporated self-disarming LED indicators. The gold wing is now equipped with LED fog lights.

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Form meets function with unique gold wheels, which look sharp while also helping to maintain the bike. Size 200 rear tires keep the road firmly in place, while the standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) immediately warns you of low tire pressure on Gold Wing models and displays the actual pressure in the PSI. And back pressure includes reading the dashboard.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

Get directions, make calls, receive messages, or listen to your favorite playlist using the navigation system or voice recognition – all this and more by integrating the Your iPhone or Android with Goldwing’s built-in display. Very easy.

New 2023 Honda Gold Wing Tour Automatic Dct Motorcycles In Adams, Ma

* To use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it is necessary to connect to a commercially available Bluetooth headset. Check with your Bluetooth headset manufacturer to find the best audio files to use with Android Auto.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

Conveniently connects compatible electronic devices via Bluetooth® connectivity, available on all Goldwing and Goldwing Tour models to enjoy easy MP3, iPod® and USB integration.

The Goldwing Dashboard is your multimedia control and information center when you’re on the go. The 7-inch LCD screen displays Honda’s Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ to help you find the best route to your destination. In addition, the dashboard includes several advanced audio features with advanced settings, and is compatible with Sirius XM® for more audio options (requires SiriusXM® subscription activation to use).

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

Honda Gold Wing Tour

For those who value convenience and security the most, the Gold Wing Smart Key Fob never leaves your pocket. The proximity locking system starts the bike at the touch of a button and opens the storage compartment with ease.

The Golden Wing draws impressive power from a 1,833cc horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine with a four-valve Unicam® cylinder head design. This sophisticated engine not only produces plenty of power from the low rev range, but delivers that power in a smooth and responsive manner.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

Switch between four selectable drive modes to easily find the right power and performance for your riding style or road conditions. Choose between Sport, Touring, Eco or Rain to automatically adjust throttle response and brake characteristics.

New 2023 Honda Gold Wing Tour Automatic Dct #501768

The gold wing star wire harness helps with smooth throttle response and power delivery. Is the way forward open? Standard electronic controls contribute to a smoother ride.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

The Gold Wing Tour DCT incorporates the revolutionary 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which takes driving enjoyment to the next level through clutch operation and automatic transmission and maintaining the direct feeling of hand movement. The DCT lets you enjoy the view and focus on your journey rather than the gear you need to wear.

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All Wings Gold with DCT transmissions offer a forward/reverse mode that allows you to shift or reverse using the DCT system with the axle down and reverse up. Running speed moves the motorcycle about 1.8 km/h forward and 1.2 km/h backward. Think how easy it will be to fit a loaded bike into a tight parking space, especially if you have to go back uphill.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

Close Up 2022 Honda Gold Wing Tour Dct Engine

The “Wing Wing” front suspension was not only revolutionary, but improved rider handling and ergonomics. The design changed the way the wheels moved through the suspension, and allowed Honda engineers to move the engine and rider/jumper closer to the front wheel. You get more space, and good behavior.

Part of riding a bike is enjoying the elements. But nobody likes ice cream. This is why all gold wings with hot grips are standard equipment.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

The industry’s first and only Idle Stop system automatically stops/starts the engine when the motorcycle is stopped. Reducing fuel consumption and reducing noise for motorists at traffic lights is the main goal of this system, in addition to quieter and easier engine operation. The machine stops for about 3 seconds. To restart the motorcycle, the rider simply steps on the gas and the engine starts immediately. This feature can be turned off manually via the vehicle settings menu on the infotainment system or on the right start button.

New 2020 Honda Gold Wing / Tour Changes & Colors + Prices Announced!

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) continuously monitors your bike’s wheel speed, and adjusts torque on the fly. This is a great feature when driving in the rain, on sandy, gravel roads, on wet leaves, or in other places where terrain conditions can interfere with movement.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

Starting can be difficult when you’re stuck on a hill, but not with the Gold Wing’s standard Hill Start Assist (HSA). This feature immediately (3 seconds) holds your bike’s position on the grade when the brakes are released and before you step on the gas, eliminating the history of reversing. This is a great comfort, allowing for an easier launch and a more confident rider.

The Golden Wing’s horizontal six-cylinder engine is known for its smoothness and power. The latest version is an 1833cc model that is 13 kilograms lighter than the previous generation (over 8 kilograms for the DCT version).

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2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

Goldwing Tour Dct 2023

Strong aluminum cylinder sleeves help reduce weight, increase cooling efficiency and reduce engine length. A 73mm bore as well as a short and strong crankshaft help to stabilize the engine.

The Gold Wing engine uses a four-valve Unicom® cylinder head that improves engine performance and power, while helping to reduce the weight of its predecessor. The four valve per cylinder design is a big part of the Gold Wing’s fuel efficiency advantage.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

The Gold Wing is available with a revolutionary 7-speed automatic DCT. Shifting is quicker and easier than ever in this version, and seventh gear is perfect for driving.

Honda Gold Wing: Iconic Luxury Motorcycle Cruiser Refined

Prefer manual transmission? The new Gold Wing offers the best custom uniform box in Gold Wing history. For example: It’s easier to drive a sixth car so traveling on the highway is easier than ever.

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

We give the Gold Wing model a slipper clutch manual transmission, just like the popular sports bike. It makes sense — the 1833cc engine makes plenty of power, and the stellar chassis lets you ride it like a sports bike with golden wings. bumpy road? Remove them!

You might think it’s just cosmetic, but on a hot day a single wall flue can waste a lot of heat. The double winged gold wall design keeps things cool. Plus, it’s the best gold tone we’ve ever made!

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

Honda Gl 1800 Goldwing Dct 2023 1800 Cm3

Because the 2023 Gold Wing is light, you can expect it to be fuel efficient. But losing weight is only the beginning. With the engine, intake system and four-valve design, fuel economy is estimated to be 22 percent higher than the previous generation. * Want to download the last mile in one drop? Try setting the “Econ” driving mode.

*Honda’s fuel economy estimates are based on EPA emissions testing methods and are for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will be

2023 Goldwing Tour Dct

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