Beck Tour 2023 Canada

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Beck David Hans (born Beck David Campbell; July 8, 1970), better known as Beck, is an American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer. He rose to fame in the early 1990s with his experimental and lo-fi style and was known for creating a wide range of musical imagery. He mixes music together in popular concerts, fun, soul, hip hop, electronica, rock, country selection and Psychology. He has released 14 studio albums (3 of which were released on the indie label), as well as several non-album songs and sheet music albums.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Beck grew towards hip-hop and popularity in his experiments and began performing locally in cafes and clubs. He moved to New York City in 1989 and joined the city’s anti-communist movement. Back in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, he broke out his song “Loser”, which became a worldwide hit in 1994, and released his first major album, Mellow Gold, the same year. Odelay, released in 1996, was a highly acclaimed poll and multiple award winner. He published adaptations that influenced Country in 1998 and Midnite Vultures in 1999. Beck went more serious due to the soft tone changes in 2002, and Guero returned in 2005 to produce the Odelay prototype. The news in 2006 inspired electro-funk, hip hop, and psychedelic; 2008’s Modern Mistakes was inspired by ’60s pop. And 2014’s Morning Phase won album of the year at the 57th Grammy Awards. His 2017 album Colors won awards for Best Alternative Album and Best Performance at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. His fourth studio album, Hyperspace, was released on November 22, 2019.

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With a mix of pop art, wry and ironic lyrical style music and post-modern arrangements incorporating drum machine models, live music and sound effects, Beck has been praised by critics and the public throughout his career. music as one of the best creative musicians. From the 1990s and 2000s onwards replacing batteries. Beck’s two most famous records were Odelay and Sea Change, both listed on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. Beck was a four-time platinum artist; He collaborated with many artists and contributed a lot to the song.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

Bibbe Hans grew up around the art of Andy Warhol’s The Factory in the 1960s in New York City and was a Warhol star.

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Beck’s maternal grandmother was Jewish. He said he considers himself Jewish because he was “raised to celebrate Jewish holidays.”

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

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Beck was born in a rented house near downtown Los Angeles. As a child, he lived in a downtown neighborhood near Hollywood Boulevard.

“When we left, they tore the house apart for miles and built a big, low apartment building,” he recalls.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

Working-class families were struggling financially, moving to Hoover and Ninth Street, populated largely by Koreans and Salvadoran refugees.

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He had time to live with his grandparents in Kansas. He later said he thought they were “worried” about his “strange” life at home.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

Beck stayed with his mother and younger brother, Channing, in Los Angeles, where he was influenced by the city’s diverse musical offering – everything from hip-hop to Latin and his mother’s art.

Beck got his first guitar when he was 16 and was a street musician who often played Lead Belly covers in Lafayette Park.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

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During his auditions, Beck discovered the music of Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore and X, but he had no interest in most music outside of popular groups for many years of his career.

Hip-hop was the first contemporary musician to form a direct relationship with Beck, who first heard him on Grandmaster Flash records in the early 1980s.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

Growing up in a predominantly Latino neighborhood, he found himself the only white kid in his school and quickly learned how to break up.

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When he was 17, Beck was hooked after listening to John Hurt’s Mississippi records at Frid’s house.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

His brother took him to jazz venues after the Beat at Echo Park and Silver Lake. He traveled to Los Angeles City College, using old notebooks and music in the college library. He used a fake ID to sit there and terrorized a literary professor and his poet wife.

Beck began his career as a country musician, switching between Country Blues, Delta blues and many other traditional country musics as a teenager.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

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“I’m going to get on the bus and start playing John Hurt’s Mississippi with completely redacted lyrics. Some drunks started shouting at me, calling me Axl Rose. So I started singing about Axl Rose and the bus and the bus. Cross and strychnine it mixes everything,” he said later.

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“We have a Shack microphone and home speakers, and we’ll draft people into the program to recite comic books or make jokes, or we’ll tape the whole tape together,” Beck said.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

In 1989, Beck took a bus to New York City for less than $8.00 and a guitar.

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Beck made frequent trips to Manhattan’s Lower East Side and stumbled on the tail end of the East Village’s first anti-personnel wave.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

Beck joined acoustic bands such as Cindy Lee Berryhill, Kirk Kelly, Paleface and Lach, led by Roger Manning, whose songs and songs have become well known outside the acoustic stream.

“The whole mission is to destroy all the stereotypes and create new ones,” said Beck from New York. “Everyone knows each other. You can go on stage and say whatever you want and you won’t feel weird or pressured. Nothing.”

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

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Inspired by that freedom and local performers, Beck began writing loose related songs about the reality of pizza, MTV, and working at McDonald’s, turning people’s thoughts into songs.

Expecting another homeless winter in New York, Beck returned to his home in Los Angeles in early 1991.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

“I’m tired of being cold and tired of being beaten,” he later noted. “It was hard to stay in New York without money, anywhere […] I used all the free stuff I had. Everyone there got sick of me.”

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Back in Los Angeles, Beck began working at a video store in Silver Lake, “doing things like writing pornography.”

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

To remain indifferent to his music, Beck will play in a funny way.

“I’m going to sing Son House and the whole audience is talking. So maybe the audience is desperate or bored or bored, I’m going to do these funny songs to see if people are on the list. ” He noted later.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

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Virtually unknown to the public and those who have never met him, Beck will take the stage between acts at a local club and play “weird country songs” and then “what is best described as performance art” although he sometimes wears Star. Stormtrooper mask wars.

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Beck met someone who asked for help recording the presentation in his room and started sending tapes around.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

Finally, Beck found a big boost in Margaret Mittleman, director of West Coast acquisitions for BMG Music Publishing and the partners behind Bong Load Custom Records: Tom Rothrock, Rob Schnapf and Brad Lambert.

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Beck showed a loose interest in hip-hop, and Rothrock introduced him to Carl Stephson, a record producer for Rap-A-Lot Records.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

In 1992, Beck visited Stephson’s home to work with him. The result – the hip hop song “Loser” – was an experiment that left Beck back to his country songs, making his home recordings as Gold Emotions and releasing several songs indepdt.

Bong Load released “Loser” as a single in March 1993 on 12 “vinyls” and only 500 hits.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

Beck Booted From Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly After Saying Minister Had Lied

​​​​”Loser” received unexpected radio airplay, starting in Los Angeles, where it was first broadcast by college radio station KXLU.

And later on Santa Monica College radio station KCRW, where radio host Chris Douridas performed the song on Morning Becomes Eclectic, the station’s popular music program. “I called the record label that day and asked Beck to play live on the air,” Douridas said. “He came in that Friday, singing ‘Loser’ and doing his ‘MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack’ song.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

That night, Beck performed at the Los Angeles Club, Cafe Troy, to a large audience and scouts from major labels.

Th Annual Cacbt Conference (nova Scotia)

The song spread to Seattle through KNDD and KROQ-FM began playing the song almost every hour.

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

When Bong Load tries to click, more copies of Beck’s “Loser” are greeted with an offer to sign with the main logo.

During the bidding war in November, Beck spent several days in Olympia, Washington, filming with Calvin Johnson of Beat Happing, which would be released later next year on Johnson’s K Records as One Foot in the Grave .

Beck Tour 2023 Canada

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