Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist – Chicago kicked off their headlining tour with Brian Wilson on Tuesday, June 7 at the Beach Boysat Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix.

To the casual observer, this may not seem like one of the obvious summer world tours. It’s not as obvious as their recent tour combining Chicago with Earth, Wind & Fire or Wilson and Zombies.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

1974 Three Beach Boys – Al Jardine and younger Wilson brothers Dennis and Carl add harmonies to the Chicago classic “Wish You Were There.” A year later, the two groups embarked on their first two Beachago tours.

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On Wilson’s twelfth tour, Jardine and other singers joined him on the Chicago stage Tuesday for the tour opener for a reprise of “Wish You Were Here.”

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

And Wilson’s set featured three guests from Chicago who added horns to the stirring hit “Darlin'” from the Wild Honey album.

Wilson and his bandmates set the tone for their first show at Valley after the Zombies tour, with the Hollyridge Strings covering the Beach Boys’ greatest hits.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

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Wilson, escorted to the stage by Walker, took his place behind a white piano. The white piano served as a sort of barrier separating the Wilsons for many years. At the age of 80, for the audience to see him rather than an instrument. You may be interested in playing.

Wilson retired from the road in 1964. After a nervous breakdown flying to Houston to begin the Beach Boys tour.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

Starting with his first solo tour in 1999, he has been active in concerts and can never be mistaken for someone who feels comfortable on stage.

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He doesn’t move, doesn’t say a word, and tends to stare blankly from his chair behind a rarely played piano.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

When he sings, he often skips cues or omits a last word or two from another line. At Sloop, John B arrived early.

The Jardines (Al and his son Matthew), who has written the most pop songs of their generation, are ready to take the plunge if they don’t sing at all.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

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Still, for many Wilson fans, myself included, it can be a magical and moving experience to see him connect at his best on these songs.

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As musical director Paul Von Mertens (who also plays saxophone, clarinet, flute and harmonica) described him, Wilson is “the man who brings us all together through heart, soul and music”.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

And all the unhappiness he feels can only be amplified by songs like “Love and Mercy.” The song is a heartfelt plea for love and mercy in the world the singer sees on the TV news. .”

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Introduced as “the first song I ever wrote,” his rendition of “Surfer Girl” is reminiscent of one of Wilson’s most popular ballads. Even after hearing it hundreds or thousands of times, it seemed to resonate.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

And Wilson seemed to be alive in “Salt Lake City,” and he was totally invested in bringing these words to life.

It’s a shame he put together an amazing touring group that included Beach Boys founder Al Jardine on lead singles “Help, Rhonda” and “Surfin’ Safari,” which he founded in association with Valley Center’s Great Closing Surf Waterpark.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

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“Where are you going to surf now?” Jardine wondered aloud, and suggested we go listen to a Beach Boys song.

Another former Beach Boy, introduced by Wilson as “one and only” Blonde Chaplin, often appears late on Wilson’s sets. And Tuesday’s show did just that.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

By the time Chaplin took the stage, they had already taken over the show with 15 songs, leading his players on hits like “Wild Honey,” “Long Promised Road,” and “Sail on Sailor.” their. Favorite.

The Beach Boys / Sounds Of Summer Expanded Reissue

In addition to his soulful voice, Chaplin added Stonesy swagger to the mix, happily standing inches away from Wilson’s piano and ripping through his lead guitar. His solo song “Wild Honey” was a master class in dazzling technique.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

Darian Sahanaja of the Wondermints, who has been with Wilson’s touring band since 1999, doubles up on the lighthearted, soulful “Darlin'” and “I Hear the Music”, “A Beach Boys Song by A Ronettes” in double turns. Utilized. . They sing their own songs.” 20/20″ disc.

From “I Get Around” to “Please, Rhonda,” any song that requires the iconic falsetto that defines the Beach Boys classic Matthewnailed. And he sounded more like an angel in the films “Don’t Worry About the Child” and “Only God Knows”.

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Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

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Guitarist Randell Kirsch, keyboardist Gary Griffin, bassist Bob Lizik, percussionist Jim Laspesa and two other Wondermints, drummer Mike D’Amico and multi-instrumentalist Probyn Gregory round out the tour.

A strong team that gives Wilson everything he needs to make his legend proud. It was perfect, but you think you haven’t played since October? It was surprisingly crowded.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

And if the person in charge gets that vocal mix right, this tour will become even more magical for Wilson fans, whether or not The Man of This Hour achieves its goal.

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Chicago had as many musicians on stage as Wilson’s band, including co-founder Robert Lamm on keyboards and vocals, Lee Loughnane on trumpet and vocals, and James Pankow on trombone and larger-than-life personality.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

This year marks the 55th anniversary of their debut, commemorating the release of their new song with their best single ‘If This Is a Goodbye’. And Pankow stated his intention to do so until his driver’s license was taken away.

“We had no idea this music would take on a life of its own after all these years,” said Pankow.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

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“I’m sure Brian has had the same experience. If you look at the audience, you can see people reminisce about being given this song. People will come up to me and say, ‘Jimmy, we grew up with your music.’ I’ll say ‘yes, me too’.

Of course, they have many songs that define their place in music history, including songs like “Inception,” “Make Me Smile,” “25 or 6-4,” and “Do You Really Know What Time It Is?” hit. ’, ‘Free’, ‘Saturday at the park’, and ‘Feels stronger every day’.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

If you own Chicago IX: Chicago’s Greatest Hits, you’re well prepared because you’ve played all the songs except “If You Leave Me Now,” “It’s Hard to Say I’m Sorry,” and “You’re Inspired.”

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Neil Donnell’s vocals have always been great on later hits, especially on the treble that doesn’t end with “You’re a Soul.” “It’s Hard to Say Sorry” was another display of Donello’s vocal power.

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Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

Chicago’s sets obviously benefited more from featuring musical works than Wilson’s sets, occasionally veering into progressive rock territory.

On the Spencer Davis Group hit I’m a Man (1969’s The Chicago Transit Authority), they gave the stage to drummer Wally Reyes Jr. percussionist Ramon “Ray” Yslas, who took his place automatically. The static sound of soloing added here shows off his unique skills.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

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Ray Herrmann also had many opportunities to show what he could do with the saxophone. Guitarist Tony Obrohta delivered a number of catchy solos, from “(I’ve Been) Searching” So Long to “You’re a Soul”.

After closing the set with “Saturday in the Park” and “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day”, Chicago returned with an encore beginning with “Free” before Obrohta delivered the opening song they could. Left unplayed: “25 or 6 to 4”, also featuring Donell’s best vocals.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

She was a “female Elvis”. Now that Phoenix rockers are on the cover of Bob Dylan’s new book, Chicago’s lineup includes their latest single ‘If This Is Good’, their first new song in eight years. Wilson’s solo album

Review / Setlist

Last fall he joined former Beach Boys bandmates, founder Al Jardine, and guitarist Blondie Chaplin, a member of the band in 1972 and 1973. Wilson’s set consisted of many Beach Boys numbers, including covers by The Ronettes. I Hear Music’ (released by the Beach Boys in 1969) and the single ‘Love and Mercy’ to close the night.

Brian Wilson Tour 2023 Setlist

, describing his career and struggles with mental illness. At some point, Wilson had to stop his touring because of his own problems. Generally, many of us feel that we can shake off that burden and find the strength to do so. The older you get, the heavier the burden is,” director Brent Wilson told UCR. At that age.

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