Chainsmokers Tour 2023

Chainsmokers Tour 2023 – The Chainsmokers will play a special event at The Guild Theater in Menlo Park on March 24 to raise money for the Los Angeles-based non-profit Youth Emerging Stronger. Courtesy of The Guild Theater.

Peninsula pop and electronic music fans will have the opportunity to see the biggest artists of the genre closer together than ever before. On March 24, The Grammy-winning The Chainsmokers will perform at the Guild Theater in Menlo Park, continuing the local’s “Do Good Guild” campaign. The venue announced the show on March 1.

Chainsmokers Tour 2023

Chainsmokers Tour 2023

While fans can get to know artists-producers Alex Palin and Drew Taggart for hits like Halsey’s “Closer” and Coldplay’s “Something Just Like This” from “The Chainsmokers” starring “So Far So Good” last year. Their fourth album topped the Billboard e-album charts.

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Revenue from the concert will support the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Young Emerging Stronger.

Chainsmokers Tour 2023

“We are honored to be selected as a beneficiary of this initiative that benefits the association,” Mark Sapper, President and CEO of Youth Emerging Stronger, said in a statement. Alex and Drew from The Chainsmokers have been fans of our show for a long time. “We are grateful for the resources that their partnership has allowed us to extend to our homeless youth.”

“We have been waiting a long time to play at The Guild and it is not often that we have the opportunity to bring our event to a place of this size, so we are really excited to wake up personally to “We could not be happier to take this opportunity to do good and support organizations that are doing great work in the backyard of Los Angeles,” Paul said in a statement. For teens who need support in their lives. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day!

Chainsmokers Tour 2023

The Chainsmokers Tickets, 2023 Concert Tour Dates

The Chainsmokers’ upcoming show is the second in a series of “Doing Good in the Guild” that began in December 2022, starring Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats, which benefits the Rateliff Foundation. Marigold. This concert series aims to support non-profit organizations.

“I have seen firsthand the kindness and generosity of Alex Palin and Drew Taggart,” Guild Theater President Drew Dunleavy said in a statement. “The important work that Mark and his team are doing at Youth Emerging Stronger.”

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Chainsmokers Tour 2023

The former Guild Theater reopened in early 2022 with a capacity of 500 people and a Mayer sound system and interior design by San Francisco-based designer Ken Fulk.

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The inspiration for Doing Good at the Guild came about five years ago when Dunleavy met Rateliff at a charity concert for The Tipping Point Dunleavy charity, told Weekly in a 2022 interview. Marigold Project When the Guild Theater opened, Rateliff agreed on a venue.

Chainsmokers Tour 2023

Dun Leakena described the dynamics of the program: the society organizes artists, covers the cost of the venue, then donates the profits to their charity over and over again, and hopes that more concerts will follow in the future. .

The list of artists Dunleavy’s charities she wants to work with in the future includes Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Camp, Brandi Carlyle’s Looking Out Foundation and Do It for the Love Foundation by Michael Franti.

Chainsmokers Tour 2023

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The Doing Good at the Guild concert series continues on March 24 with The Chainsmokers. Tickets range from $ 149 to $ 249. The Guild is located at 949 El Camino Real, Menlo Park. For more information, visit

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Chainsmokers Tour 2023

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Chainsmokers Tour 2023

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Chainsmokers Tour 2023

La Tour (2022)

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Chainsmokers Tour 2023

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Chainsmokers Tour 2023

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