Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist – The band’s 1976 album Three Hours, as well as Greatest Hits, featured Vince Gill standing in for the departed Glenn Frey.

The Eagles will play the Hotel California 2022 Tour on Monday, March 28, 2022 at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. Read more Yong Kim / Staff Photographer

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

No, not that eagle. The Eagles flying over the South Philly Sports Complex on Monday night were the 1970s Southern California rock group The Eagles — a group originally fronted by Don Henley and Glenn Frey. They are the only group in pop music history to have two of their albums count among the top 10 best sellers of all time.

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One of these is Hotel California, published in 1976 about decadence and burning and the American Dream, which finds itself at the tail end of fast-paced cocaine-fueled life in Los Angeles during the country’s bicentennial year.

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

It’s a 6 1/2-minute title track that “smells the warm smell of colitis in the air” and features an epic guitar coda that’s been the true aspiration of countless covers for nearly half a century.

Not to mention the last line sung by Henley, which should serve as a warning to bands and all other showbiz destroyers who pretend to leave the stage once and for all: “You can unsubscribe whenever you want, but you can never unsubscribe.” leave.”

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

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So Hotel California found the Eagles at a nearly sold-out Wells Fargo Center on Monday and brought them to life. There they played the album in its entirety in order, followed by nearly two hours of greatest hits, including every track from their Greatest Hits (1971-1975), the Eagles’ only best-selling album.

So who are the Eagles on this deadline – 42 years after they first retired?

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

At Wells Fargo, the original group consisted of drummer and vocalist Henley, guitarist Joe Walsh, and longtime bassist Timothy B. Schmidt, and country singer and guitarist Vince Gill, who replaced Frey on stage and was a very welcome figure.

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Hailed by Henley as “one of America’s greatest singer-songwriters”, Gill achieved her first stardom with her soulful vocals on “New Kid in Town”.

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

This was fitting, since at 64 he is nearly a decade younger than the group’s other leaders. He shined loudly on this hotel song, as he did later in the evening on “Take It Easy” and “Take It to the Limit.” And when called upon, Gill showed just how little of a guitarist he was, as he did on The James Gang’s 1970 hit “Funk #49,” where he was matched against Walsh, who spent the entire evening playing the silliness and power of slide. Added guitar

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In addition to Gill, the group was joined on Monday by supporting players, including Stuart Smith, their longtime touring guitarist who replaced Don Felder in 2001 and worked with Walsh at the aforementioned Hotel California Coda.

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

Setlist, Photos, Video

Several other musicians joined the team for selected songs. Among the hotel’s “Wasted Time” and its instrumentalists were three dozen string players, whom Henley called “the orchestra of the Northeast Corridor.”

(If you add up all the masks backstage, it could be more than the masks worn by all the audience members.)

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

And on Hotel Elegy “The Last Resort,” members of the band and orchestra join the yellow-clad 21-member University of the Arts choir, helping the album move closer to its broken-dream objective.

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For a band with millions of fans whose songs are characterized by their harmonies, the Eagles have never been short of detractors. For some, it’s the calm, light and carefree quality of music.

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

For me, it’s combined with the casual misogyny that runs through their catalog, especially in the greatest hits section. Many charming women who can’t hide their “false eyes” and wounded male narrators who know all too well “what a woman will do to your soul.”

If an eagle has seven women in mind — like Frey and Jackson Browne’s “Take It Easy” — he’s considered lucky if any of them chooses to be his friend.

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

Eagles Resume ‘hotel California’ Tour: Set List, Video

Of course, all of these songs are expertly crafted and forever memorable, and for rock fans of a certain age, they’ll probably stick in your head even if you haven’t played an Eagles album in decades.

On Monday, he displayed tenacity and precision in a first-class production that was rarely stopped. The harmonies were intense and the highlights were plentiful, whether it was the slick “Hearttack Tonight,” featuring Gill on lead, or Walsh’s dissonant “Rocky Mountain Way,” or Schmidt’s sensitive “I Can’t Tell You Why.” Unlike rock masterpieces. . Any other signature song of the band.

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Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

The night before, Henley, whose sometimes raspy voice was strong and expressive throughout the night, hoped the band would give the audience “a three-hour break from all the chaos and strife out there”. By these standards, even Eagle haters have to admit that the Hotel California tour was a success. Don Henley performed to kick off the band’s “Hotel California 2023 Tour” at Newark’s Prudential Center on Friday, April 7, dedicating “Best of My Love” to America.

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“It’s a song from 1974 that I had the honor of co-writing with Deacon’s dad (Glen Frey) and our friend JD Souther,” Henley said. “Originally it’s a song about a couple breaking up, but tonight I want to dedicate this song to America and all its craziness and all its glory. Sing along with me, okay? Let’s do something united.”

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

The packed crowd sang along to mid-country rock classics. Yes, this text fits the current situation of the country.

Henley, 75, sang, “You see it your way, I see it my way, but we both see it go away.”

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

Concert Review: The Eagles’ Hotel California In Charlotte Nc

Henley said earlier in the show that there was no politics, but there was an underlying anger in Eagle’s songs that often hinted at disillusionment with society’s status quo. Nowhere is this more evident than in “Hotel California,” a musical treatise on the decline of America in the 1970s, as seen from the bleak West Coast. During the first half of the performance, the group performed the entire album, starting with the song “Hotel California”.

Mysterious Captain (programmed to get?) kicks things off by putting the classic 1976 album on the turntable and dropping the needle. The group performed the rich melodies of “Hotel California” and the guitar-laced Sunset. Vince Gill, a legendary musician in his own right, took over the voice of the late Frey on “New Kid in Town.” It evoked the original, but also found its niche.

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

The band – consists of guitarist Joe Walsh and bassist Timothy B. Schmidt—were complemented by guest musicians, an orchestra—what Henley called the Northeast Corridor Orchestra—and Rutgers University’s Kirkpatrick Choir. Guest guitarist Stuart Smith was the focus of several lead roles and solos.

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The show “Hotel California” is followed by a wide array of greatest hits. Deacon Frey sang two of his father’s classic songs, “Take It Easy” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling”. He looks and sounds a lot like his father, Glenn, who died in 2016 at the age of 67. A photo of the late Frey appeared on the concert screen after Deacon’s performance.

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

Walsh received calls from viewers on the night, and it was no surprise. He graduated from Montclair High School in 1965. They performed “Rocky Mountain Way”, the hit singles “Life’s Been Good” and “In the City”, and the James Gang classic “Funk #49”.

“I’m happy to be back here,” Walsh said. “You know what I miss? When people say, ‘Get out of here!'”

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

Eagles Play ‘hotel California’ Album, Enrich Legacy In Milwaukee Show

No one in the baby boom crowd told him to move. Henley also performed the 1984 hit single “Boys of Summer”, alternating between drums and guitar.

The Eagles’ “Hotel California” concerts debuted in Las Vegas in 2019. Another scheduled stop on the tour is Saturday, April 8 at the CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore.

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

“It feels great to be here,” Henley said. “At this stage of the game, anywhere is good. … Fifty-one years is a long time in this business, and if we don’t go down this road again, I want to say thank you on behalf of the band, the crew and everyone who’s here to be with us. Thick and thin. We welcome you very much.

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Jersey Shore native Chris Jordan covers entertainment and feature stories for USA TODAY Network New Jersey. Tweet him at @chrisfhjordan; SeaJordan@The Eagles have extended their long-running Hotel California tour through 2023, announcing five new dates in the western US in February and March.

Eagles Tour 2023 Setlist

Shows are scheduled for February 19 in Portland, Oregon; February 21 in San Jose, California; February 24 in Palm Springs, California; March 1 in Phoenix, Arizona; and March 3 in San Diego. The concert in Palm Springs will mark Accresor’s grand opening in that city.

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