Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List – UPDATE: After tickets first went on sale Friday morning, When We Were Young Festival announced that tickets for next year’s event are now sold out.

In a tweet, organizers advised those still wanting tickets to get on a waiting list if more tickets are available.

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

The year 2023 has officially ended. See you in Vegas! Join the waiting list for a chance to get tickets when they become available. Register on our website. For everyone who got tickets, follow the link in our bio to get your hotel package 🖤 — When We Were Young (@WWWYFest) October 14, 2022

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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — After the 2022 When We Were Young festival sold out in Las Vegas, promoters announced Tuesday that the event will return next year.

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

According to a press release, the event featuring Blink 182 and Green Day will take place on Saturday, October 21, 2023 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds.

The announcement follows news from Blink 182 that Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus will be reuniting with founding member Tom DeLonge for a world tour that includes a stop at the When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas.

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

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According to the organizers, the lineup is also planned for several other bands, including: 30 Seconds To Mars, The Offspring, Good Charlotte, 5 Seconds of Summer and All Time Low, Yellowcard, Rise Against, Sum 41, Pierce the Veil, Gym Hero Class: , Michelle Branch, Trice, Rise Against, Simple Plan, New Found Glory and more.

The festival invites fans to register now for the presale, which begins Friday, October 14th at 10:00am PT at After the pre-sale, all remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public starting Friday, Oct. 14 at 2 p.m., the release said. More than three decades have passed since Green Day released their debut album 39/Smooth and began their journey. it would change the face of punk forever. They’ve released 12 more records since then, and are arguably the genre’s most prolific artists, but their ability to change conversations and develop their own narrative with each new record is unmatched.

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Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

A rollercoaster of high peaks and, even better, even higher peaks, trying to condense the trip down to just 20 runs seems futile. For every pick on our list, there are at least two others worth considering. Heck, there are a few albums here that we didn’t cover, and none of them are included in the post. Rather than preaching, this issue is best appreciated as a sign of just how brilliant the Oakland trio’s catalog really is…

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Along with the much more iconic Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), Macy’s Day Parade reflects the brooding side of Green Day that developed in the latter half of the 10-year transition between Dookie and American Idiot. A multi-layered, unassuming lyrical deconstruction of consumerism and the pernicious effects of the pursuit of material pleasure, it’s still an earworm that shakes us out of the stupor of everyday hustle and bustle and a statement of intent for punk heavyweights growing into their own uncomfortable skins.

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how important Green Day’s seventh album was to the planet’s global status. After years of writing quieter, often introspective songs and fans wondering if they could ever follow up on Dookie’s massive success, they released a political-punk masterpiece full of ferocious sentiment and world-famous explosions. His lead single is Spearhead; After 9/11 – the full text of a speech by then-President George W. Bush and the millions of chauvinist citizens who blindly supported him. Surprisingly, this rings truer today.

Overshadowed by the 20 million selling Dookie, Insomniac’s follow-up from 1995 cannot be ignored. This particular version showcases Billie Joe Armstrong’s talent for turning a world-weary sense of pessimism (“Take it from my pride / Throw it to death / Throw me back into the flood / Cause it’s all right…”) into energetic, calm songs. . Fittingly enough, the title Stuck With Me wasn’t even intended for this song (it was originally called “Alright”), but eventually stuck to the track after a typo, with the original carrier appearing years later as Do Da Da on 2002’s Shenanigans., it has been just as firmly attached to us for a quarter of a century.

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

Best Pop Songs Of The 21st Century

¡Uno!, ¡Dos! after a trilogy of high-concept albums, the performance ultimately disappointed. and ¡Tré!, the follow-up to 2016’s Radio Revolution, far exceeded expectations. This nearly seven-minute epic is truly special. Billie Joe has cited the line “My name is Billy and I’m afraid…” as the most honest he’s ever performed in a song, continuing the theme of anxiety (given his psyche and the macro-scale issues of global politics) that have run throughout his career . For longtime fans, it’s reassuring that Green Day are still able to discuss such sensitive ideas in truly memorable ways.

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Another understated epic, American Speech feels like a unique response to the claims by some that the band’s eighth album is too much fun. Coming 17 songs into the 18-track behemoth that is 21st Century Breakdown confirms that Green Day aren’t running out of steam – on this record or anytime soon – and may offend fans. Divided into two acts (A. Mass Hysteria and B. Modern World), it gives listeners a second wind while conveying the chaos of the world in which Gloria and Christian live, characters who are at the center of the record’s social consciousness. . “Sing us the song of the century. / Sing like the American language.

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

“I said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Minority has been a staple of Green Day’s live shows for the past two decades. The bouncy percussive foundation on which the song is built feels like a purpose-built platform for like-minded people to shout out their national anthem. Interestingly, it was also Green Day’s first real meditation on politics, a theme that could only be expanded upon in the years that followed. “Free for all, fool all.” Of course.

Blink 182, Green Day To Headline 2023 ‘when We Were Young’ Festival In Las Vegas

Billie Joe previously stated that Letterbomb was his personal favorite song on American Idiot, and the band shortlisted it for their 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. If that’s not enough to get you rooting for her fiery yet surprisingly insightful four minutes, you can add Bikini Kill singer Kathleen Hannah’s first scene to the list: you / have fun…

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

It’s crazy to think that Billie Joe was only 17 years old when he wrote this milestone after their 1990 debut. Recorded with original drummer John Kiefmeyer (Tré Cool would pick up the stick after their third US tour following the release of 39/Smooth ), it can only be seen as a strange holdover from an earlier era. Economical and energetic, but with a soulful heart, it remains prominent in what distinguished Green Day over the next three decades.

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“I don’t sleep well / I count sheep, but everything ends / Time is running out / And I’m still trying / There is no peace in my soul…”. Is this Green Day’s most recognizable guitar riff? We will play like this. Insomniac’s simple 1995 standout went hand-in-hand with its hyperactive brother, Jeded, so much so that they were combined into one clip. Placed side by side, they showcase all the reasons why this band belonged in the mid-90s.

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

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There may be people who have never heard of the name Green Day but know every word to Good Riddance. Broadly transcending their safety-obsessed roots with ballads that are as irresistible as they are iconic, this song might just be the song that grants the trio true musical immortality. The story goes that Billy Joe’s chipped tooth in the music video was the result of a fight the night before filming involving a security guard and a hotel TV. That only makes the song’s haunting and universally compelling message all the more remarkable, sure to become a ubiquitous soundtrack to many of this generation’s most important moments, from prom to funeral. Originally written in 1993, it doesn’t come from a place of sentimentality, but instead is filled with hatred for Billie Joe’s ex-girlfriend, Amanda, who bought Ecuador.

“I was a little kid with big plans / Now I’m just a dirty old man…” The opening lines highlight the prevailing sentiment about this much-underrated segment of the Nimrod era. Blending the effortless musicianship of the band’s early years with the big-budget glamor and creeping confidence of their rise, it vibrates with all the introspection of Dookie, while simultaneously evoking (harnessing) anxieties about growth and prosperity. an aging that must have been hated by many fans of their original. In addition to analysis, it is also simple, springy

Green Day Tour 2023 Song List

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