Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist – Over the past few months, The New York Times asked experts how to play with a friend to make them fall in love with jazz. We explore a variety of styles from bebop to contemporary with artists such as Ornette Coleman and Mary Lou Williams.

Now we turn to Herbie Hancock, the extraordinary pianist and composer who emerged in jazz as an interesting phenomenon. At age 11, at his mother’s insistence, Hancock listened to classical music and played Mozart’s Piano Concerto in A Major with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Three years later, he became interested in jazz after seeing his classmate play the piano. He ended up playing in Chicago during the summer break from college in 1960, working with saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. His career began after trumpeter Donald Byrd asked Hancock to play in a quintet. He moved to New York and released his first album “Takin’ Off” on Blue Records in 1962.

Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

It was a good life, but his life changed in 1963 when the world’s greatest jazz musician, Miles Davis, recruited Hancock to be a member of his group, the Second Big Five. Davis, bassist Ron Carter; Drummer Tony Williams and saxophonist Wayne Shorter would become superstars alongside Hancock, lending his songs to numerous albums throughout Davis’ career. He left the group in 1968 and started with Space Sound. In the early 1970s, Hancock abandoned all jazz for a funky, mellow vibe, releasing challenging songs that didn’t fit into a particular box. In 1973 he released the album “Head Hunters”, a thrilling punk odyssey that went platinum and Hancock played to huge audiences.

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Throughout his 60-year career, Hancock remains passionate, embracing new approaches and working with daring artists. Below, Musician asked 11 writers and critics to share their favorite Hancock songs. Listen and enjoy their selections. Check out the playlist below the article and be sure to leave your favorites in the comments.

Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

If I could only pick one song to listen to forever, it would be “Textures”. It’s not the best or the most artistically/pianistically complex piece, but it’s cut in a way that only Rabbi Hancock could. Because she is the one and only Rabbi Hancock. Herbie’s 1980 LP “Mr. Hand” always intrigued me because he took an interesting approach to production: each track featured a different musician. Singer – only praise for Herbie Hancock. from the acoustic piano; create bass lines and orchestras; for the drum arrangements; Each sound was created by his own hands. This sounds like the best insight to me. The mind of a genius.

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When I first heard “proof of truth”, I was pretty sure the time travelers were probably around 2300. I’ve never heard anything like that. It has the hypnotic effect of scary and funny and locked in warp speed. But at the same time very fluid and considerate. This song embodies everything I love about Herbie’s work: his thoughtful and inquisitive sound; her unique harmonic and melodic choices; His expert understanding and understanding of music, he combines how to communicate with creativity and flow. And its power makes it a perfect ripper, a song that makes you jump with uncontrollable joy. But behind the scenes, the music is very challenging and rhythmically innovative.

Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

Herbie Hancock & Kamasi Washington @ Huntington Bank Pavilion (pics, Setlists, Video)

Herbie’s Rhodes solo This solo is my favorite solo. It’s creative, expressive, playful, and feels like a deep conversation with other players. Usually, while a group of players are at different levels; listening to each other; discovering new sounds; This record captures them stretching each other. It’s quite a historic episode (though I’m sure it will be for posterity).

“Maiden Journey” My path first crossed when I was in high school. Miles, Billy, Prez. My neighbor, who used to tell me about the musicians who rented rooms at Dizzy. An unexpected gift from WWII veterans and a homeowner. Whatever I felt at the time, I still feel the possibilities are endless.

Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

The album will be released on March 17. Ron Carter in 1965; Recorded for Hancock’s fifth studio outing with Tony Williams and saxophonist George Coleman; Equally with the virtuosity and touch of the pianist. Hancock is one of the greatest features of this musical; He is very flexible and creative in the changes of the industry. Just as jazz was transitioning from robot to leader, Hancock created a number of original compositions that would cut the teeth of any jazz band. From his opening to the freewheeling riff of the title track “Maiden Voyage,” each actor’s moment shines.

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Herbie Hancock At The Barbican

“Wasps” is an archeology of music. It is at once solid, grave, deep in tradition yet spreading into the unknown future. He asked questions about how we got here and where we were going. It has a film, in addition to the artistic opening, D.J. The “Hornets” set is Duke Ellington’s Vietnam War era “Take A Train”. The song in 1973 (when it came out) is the same as it is today. “Hornets” is the terror of the African leader from the 1980s and the Wu-Tang clan from the 1990s. It’s a cell phone call on the subway without a headset. “Wasps” is exciting, like life. Confusion is a timeless classic that can be terrifying and devastating. Just when you think you know what’s going on, the kazoos come back.

Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

“4am” by Rabbi Hancock The first time I heard about it was with my friend Brandon Coleman. I remember driving. We went to Amba’s music. We really explored where a lot of the music we love came from and went in different directions. music by Jaco Pastorius; The weather reports and various items will be taken. Brandon really likes Rabbi Hancock.

I remember hearing it at four in the morning. I knew we had to learn this song in the car together. I remember going back to his bed one night and trying to sit up and play. I think they tried recording it once to see how it would go. It’s cool, I feel this song is an amazing song. We were all very happy to hear him then. It remains one of my favorite Herbie songs to this day.

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Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

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One of those moments was, “Oh! These guys get up at four in the morning and ask, ‘What happened?’ It makes me want to sleep.” Usually, at 4 o’clock in the morning, knowing what things will be taken from me.

When I was recently asked about my favorite Rabbi Hancock, I found the question very difficult to answer. But “Speak Like A Child” immediately caught my attention when I first heard it. I will never forget the “first debate”. The atmosphere and the regional orchestra are excellent. Good record. But behind these features, the special attraction is the Rebbe’s piano; touches his voice and his instrumental songs. This song is about innocence, purity conveys imaginative and sophisticated images. Every player listens.

Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

“Butterfly” is a beauty from Herbie Hancock’s 1974 album “Thrust” with his band The Headhunters. It’s a combination of silliness and groove. The notes seep into your soul, each piece assembled like a magazine in front of you. Great leaders know how to get the best out of people, and when the Rebbe “sits down” on the cut until 4:30, he starts pouring out his “coconuts” and moves his tool to the star. Music… it felt like a change was happening, like the music had taken on another life. Wings grow and the colors fly, transporting them to another stratosphere. At 7:00, you will see a beautiful “butterfly” fluttering away that will take your breath away. At 9:10, the Rebbe brings to mind a beautiful beginning as he always provides a magical and musical flow that you won’t want to leave.

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Herbie Hancock Tour 2023 Setlist

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