Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist – Although Jason Mraz has been releasing records and playing live for over two decades, he now follows his own advice and lives in the moment. This includes hitting the proverbial reset button.

The Grammy winner may suggest it’s business as usual, but on the title track “Getting Started,” he makes it clear that he’s facing a new frontier as an artist and a person:

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

“This is not the end / The beginning is the right place / The future is not yet / Imagine the life we ​​will create / How lucky I am to start something…”

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The sadness is there, but Mraz’s signature optimism — long relied on by fans — shines through like sunshine.

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

Despite the fact that Mraz is a veteran of gold and platinum records, he is coming to a new stage

When he came out as bisexual a few years ago (he admitted to same-sex attraction in the media as early as 2005 but was largely ignored), he was still in the midst of same-sex marriage, which he now finds reprehensible. and offensive. A symptom of deep-seated personal struggles—something many in the LGBTQ community can relate to.

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

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Now divorced, Mraz is ready to communicate with his fans more openly than ever before, mixing classic music with new music. Hot on the road (Covid makes it hard to release his 2020 reggae LP

(Usual promotional pressure, so overlooked), he’s been working overtime to make sure his new songs get out into the world, with plenty of press appearances and music videos. Beautifully choreographed and styled, the music video for the lead single “I Feel Like Dancing” has over two million views on YouTube.

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

The new album was produced by Martin Deref, who has gained critical acclaim from more than a decade of collaborations with Mraz, including the hit “I’m Yours.”

W♥m: Nelson Devereaux

Mraz will kick off his new tour at the Mann Center in Philadelphia on August 9, 2023 and a special concert in Queens, New York with the New York Pops at Forest Hills Stadium on August 17.

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Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

Mraz spoke to me about his new music, upcoming concerts and what fans can expect on his upcoming tours.

The new album is great. This is my favorite thing you’ve done in 15 years. I thought “Lovesick Romeo” was a big hit, but what did I know?

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

Jason Mraz Announces Tour Dates

What a wonderful addition to our summer to have a new set of strong and bright songs from you. I once interviewed Melissa Manchester and she said something very interesting that happiness is something you consciously choose, especially in dark times. How do you stay confident in your songwriting?

JM: I keep my faith because playing music, the very simple act of making sound out of silence, making something out of nothing, transforms me from “I am nothing” to “I am something”. It changed me from “I am worthless” to “I am a creator”. It happened instantly.

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

I mean, as soon as I sit down at the piano and make a sound or play a note, my whole nervous system reacts to it. It’s like the audio version of taking some magic pill and hearing the sound reverberate around you or across the room. And it’s a little reminder that I can change the way I think about the world. I rejoice in the hope and am sure that a sound will come out of that explosion. OK! I believe I can heal some of the emotions I’m struggling with through this sound, experiencing this sound, creating words or singing melodies and chords that touch my emotions. So yes, music makes me a hopeless optimist!

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I like the way you say it. It seems to be rare to find positive energy in the public consciousness. We seem to be living in a strange time from the start. Of course, the music industry has changed a lot in a short time. As an entertainer, do you feel a responsibility to instill that ease—a kind of catharsis—in your audience while also being true to yourself? It’s a kind of high-wire act.

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

JM: If my confidence comes from making music, what happens to me along the way, I change, I heal, I rise, I become stronger, something happens to me where I start to feel better, my enthusiasm increases. Strong. If it works for me, then I try to recreate it on stage or on the microphone and then I put it out into the world, because if it’s just a small experience. I mean, maybe it will. For others. Or at least I create it behind the scenes night after night, which again works for me to continue my excitement through music.

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At the same time, yes, we all know that there is a lot of negativity in this world and our focus on that negativity is because we are aware of the media publicity and harmful laws and climate about certain criminals. . Crises and lack of gun control and you know, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear!

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

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It always will be. Knowing this, I saw it as an opportunity for a creator to create something that counteracts this negativity in exchange for their own time and attention. Because you know my song won’t change the world, but it can change someone’s moment. And sometimes we need to take a moment to breathe and re-inspire so that all of us creators can continue to find ways to counter all the negativity in the world.

Yes, people always leave your concerts with a smile on their face. I remember people getting excited about ‘I Feel Like Dancing’ last summer – it was the lead single from the new album. The videos are great.

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

“I brought my super band. They give me superpowers because they allow me to do things I wouldn’t normally do.

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Jason Mraz appears on the cover of Out in Jersey’s August/September 2023 summer issue.

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

Here are some tracks from last year’s new live record. When you do new things together, how does your process go? Does the audience in a sense tell you where the songs are going?

JM: Yes, of course. For example, “You May Like It”, which is on the latest record; We played with him on tour in 2019 and tried again last year, more and more with him each time. Audience reaction is often a clear indicator of what they don’t like because you’ll hear a nice soft clap or, you know, silence. But then other songs come along where you’re like, “Oh, people are moving, but by the third minute they’re bored, so what can I do?” Or the audience was bored by the third minute, as if they couldn’t finish the song. So yes, live performance is a great way to explore and develop some songs.

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Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

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You are also known for weaving amazing songs into your performances. After Thunder and Rain almost canceled a show, I once saw you open with a memorable version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” You’ve also made some great records, like your fantastic version of [Seals and Crafts” “Summer Breeze.” You also featured The Great American Songbook. Can we ever expect cover shots?

JM: You know, I think there’s a time and a place for that. I never felt like I would cover [the song] just, you know… [they were] great. It is difficult to live by them. But like “Summer Breeze” I did an arrangement that had a lot of poop in it because I was doing it in a coffee shop and I was lucky enough to record it. That version. Yeah, I can see myself doing that – I have to collect enough covers that I believe in, where I can connect my voice to them [because] I have to believe in the lyrics as well, and that comes from me.

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

For this album, you invited Martin Teroff as a producer for the first time since your 2008 hit. Is it still the same?

Jason Mraz Joins Alex Preston For ‘idol’ Finale Performance!: Photo 3119368

JM: Martin and I have been friends and collaborators since 2001. We love writing new songs and music together and some of these collaborations have produced albums. So, since we’re friends, I can’t say it’s a long break, but mine is

Jason Mraz Tour 2023 Setlist

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