Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham – When I got to the box office, the backstage was packed with fans. Jeff Bex’s tour is rumored to feature a very special guest, with tonight being the last day of the tour, it’s no secret that ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’, triumphs over the high seas in the room. trial in Virginia, will return on the show. . After becoming friends a few years ago, they are known to be working together and will indeed work together in 2020. A remake of John Lennon’s “Isolation” was released because the timing seemed right. Suitable for everyone locked down due to the pandemic. The joint album will be released in June this year.

The symphony room is an impressive space, the stage structure seems small compared to the ceiling height. A simple black backdrop and mandatory black curtains on the main loop meant that the opening act was pushed to the front of the stage. That’s more than most scenes I’ve been in lately.

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

At 7:30 p.m., the lights went out and the three boys stepped onto the stage, and when we started pounding the drums, Sharon Corr took her place, barely slipping off the stage in her black dress. . Classic Radio Corrs 1999. He took his violin and glided across the stage.

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One quick access to the mic to end the song and he’s playing the piano. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and musical mainstay of her family band, it’s clear she enjoys both singing and performing.

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

We quickly move on to the title track of his latest album, The Fool and The Scorpion, and once again the reverent crowd fills the magnificent symphony hall, listening to every word. Still sitting at the piano, he said they had a great curry last night; Local news reported that Mr. Depp had organized a lavish reception for a traveling party at a local Indian restaurant. The number 5 is rumored to cost £50,000, which is confusing. A number that I hope won’t happen, although with high parking prices and low vehicle emissions taxes to get into the city, it may not be too far from the truth.

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It honors Steve Bronski, who sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 61 in a house fire. December A familiar sound came from the piano as Sharron played the beginning of Small Town Boy. familiar to many Bronski Beat fans and those over a certain age. With Alfonso Sama Luna’s reverential guitar solo, emphasis on the song, and Sharon’s enchanting vocals perfectly matched to the song, the crowd cheered and cheered on this wonderful tune.

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

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Almost choking on his drink, he told us it was lemon tea, not vodka, although he preferred that, and they switched to Only You, the last song on his new album. that. Again, the piano introduced the song as it “tickled,” a gentle nod that brought the rest of the band in. Her voice is ludicrously soft and sad as she hums with ethereal ease through this tender ballad.

I remember what Sharon said next when I was a bit distracted by people going back to their seats, I think she said that anyway the new single from the album would be the next single, “Under the Sun.” day moon” is played back on the piano. The voice groaned as he twisted and turned his arm in a gentle gesture of words accompanied by a gentle drum beat. Walking around La La Laa, she plays the piano for this light-hearted story.

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

Confusing the predefined playlists, he said he couldn’t sing because he didn’t have glasses, and we got “My Pretty” from The Fool again. The next song opens on piano as she showcases her beautifully controlled vocals. This limited track showcases his songwriting skills as guitar licks and reverse beats slowly push the song along. Followed by a song called “Hang over” by Sharon. “Running on Rooftops” opens with a bass line of percussion, I think Mat Hector gave the drums a bit of a bonus when Sharon ran across the roof. When this tune ends, a slightly higher level tone with subtle layers settles in.

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Sharon thanks everyone and says we are ready for a great night. “Jeff Beck is the best guitarist and a really nice guy.” “Johnny has scored a decent score and is doing well on tour,” , a shrill, nosebleed scream at the mention of his name. I think we have some Johnny fans that are getting closer to God.

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Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

Sharon, the violinist, walked up to him and said, “We have to get up to speed quickly; cannot own a violin.

At the end of the evening, we present Ceoltóirí Chualann’s interpretation of Mná na hÉireann or Women of Ireland by the poet Ulster Paeder Ó Doirnín. Often considered a rebellious song, this song is about the oppression of mother Ireland by England and the desire of the Irish people to stand up to them all. Kate Bush covered it on her album Common Ground in ’96.

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

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Starting with the violin, her haunting vocals lead to this beautiful tune, with the rest of the band joining in to give her a solid presence as Luna strides forward. stage and hold the violin with her hot oil solo on her Fender. TV presenter. The song was created as a duet between Sharon and Luna standing face to face in the center. With a controlled tone and a faint bass, this traditional Irish song has been brought to bed.

Sharron takes the time to introduce “Alfonso Samos Luna on guitar”, “Alex Morell on guitar” and the fancy title, “and matches Mat Hector on drums”. They then said their goodbyes and Sharon said “see you next time” as she left the stage.

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

You don’t get this quality of support very often. Just a great set with an incomparable sound.

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In normal operation, the set is cleared for the main “turn”. Looking at the audience, it’s clear that we have a certain “fan” tonight. Again, I don’t have a Waldorf sibling, so I sit quietly as I check my notes. No pressure, right?

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

At that moment, the lights went out and the group moved on, followed by the man himself. His now trademark white Strat was worn around his neck and slung over his aviators as he took to the stage, posing briefly like a Fonzi from his happy, smiling days smiled and went back to his amp. Without nodding off to anyone in particular, he begins these psychedelicly distorted riffs of the 60s-inspired Star Cycle from the ’80s album There and Back. Filled with screams and voices. screaming, rumbling backline supporting Beck’s acrobatics and delivering the acoustic overload that song fans crave, with vocals copied by many, such as Satriani .

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It was included in the 1985 “You Know, You Know” by the Mahavishnu Orchestra. on the album Flash, but originally written by John McLaughlin in 1971. means great and is the name of the Hindu god Vishnu). This rock and jazz-inspired lick is filled with sultry fingers, his guitar constantly pointing up to the sky teasing his neck. Wearing sunglasses, Slamming bassist Rhonda Smith stepped to the front of the stage, blasting bass and pop. Beck introduced us to German drummer Anika Nilles, who collapsed and ran around the kit to the amusement of the crowd as she had to rehearse a set and the sticks were blurred.

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

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Next up is Billy Cobham’s “Stratus,” which, like Cobham, opens with pounding drums as warm guitars kick in and cut through. Here’s a beautiful tune from 1973. The Spectrum album featured then-little-known guitarists Tommy Bolin and Zephyr and the James Gang. Standing in front of the drums, Beck played a series of licking, pounding pieces with drums rolling, heart-pounding bass and ending vocals that brought loud cheers from the hall.

“There are three chords in this song,” says the opening verse of Beck Dah Dah.

Jeff Beck Tour 2023 Birmingham

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