Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023 – Unfortunately, Watain canceled their tour with Mayhem and Midnight due to visa issues. Watain’s replacement has yet to be announced and it seems they are disappointed with the current situation.

“We regret to inform you that due to reasons beyond our control, we have to cancel our upcoming US tour with Mayhem at Midnight, which was scheduled to start tomorrow.

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

“We have been informed that the US Embassy has decided to initiate an additional, undisclosed ‘administrative process’ in relation to Watain’s visa application. We were told that this investigation could go on for months and we may not get an answer. As we have not received more information about why this is happening, how long it will take, or whether your visa will be approved. we have no choice but to withdraw from the trip. .

Cursed In Eternity (4lp/140g): Mayhem: Music

“An embassy approved our work visa application on every visit to the US, every 8 times we applied.

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

“Planning a trip like this requires a lot of work with our team and the crew. The supplies are made, the ticket buyers arrange, and the team is responsible for the activities the trip provides. Bad it’s a print. any group , but for the responsible authorities it’s not important.

“To our loyal fans and followers; We really hope to stand before you again. We put everything we have into this.

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Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

Crowbar Tickets, 2023 Concert Tour Dates

“We are working hard to get things right and plan to reschedule the North American dates in early 2023. Financing is available at the time of purchase.

The visit took place as follows from 7 March. So let’s hope the two get another headline soon. As for Watain, they will release their new album titled The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain on April 29th.

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

Inferno Metal Festival 2023 is held at Rockefeller Center, John Dee in Oslo, Norway from April 6 to 9…

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OBITUARY Drummer Cool with METALLICA Production… And Justice For All: “I Thought It Was Murder” A host of famous black metal bands crossed the pond to ravage American fans with their Black Metal Warfare II tour. Mayhem’s main collaboration with Swedish titans Watain. The Greek version will open with the crucifixion of Christ.

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

Watain frontman Erik Danielsson said: “As with any album tour, it’s always near the end that all the elements of our plans will come together perfectly and become powerful. Black Metal Warfare is a very special project for us and I am very happy that we have completed the Wild Hunt in America with this second leg, with such an epic package and in front of the loyal American soldiers!”

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“While Black Metal Warfare Part II is the first development, many surprises can be expected, both in terms of the set list and on the stage itself. All that is certain is that November will cry and cry. The end of the victory before it’s time to start anew on unknown paths among unknown masses…”

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

Mayhem Launch Their 2022 North American Tour: Recap + Photos

The tour began on November 5 in New Orleans. Mayhem toured in support of Esotetic Campaign in 2014, and Watain released a new opus The Wild Hunt in 2013. Christ’s live album breakdown UPDATE: Watain has pulled out of a North American tour with Mayhem, titled “Sanguine North American Sodomy.” The group released a statement saying the US Embassy had decided on an undisclosed additional “administrative process” related to the visa application. Another place.

Spring is usually when things start to bloom and the sun starts to shine a little, but spring 2022 will bring a dark front as the seasons turn. That’s because black metal acts Mayhem and Watain are scheduled to headline the state for their “The Sanguine Sodomy of North America” ​​tour.

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

It’s a powerful bill with a collaboration between Norwegian and Swedish outfits to bring a radical night to stages in the US and Canada. And if that wasn’t enough, the metal band Midnight opens the show.

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Mayhem + Watain To Co Headline U.s. Tour With Rotting Christ

They have just finished recording their seventh album, which is scheduled to be released in spring 2022 by Nuclear Blast. Meanwhile, Mayhem recently released

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

In a joint statement, they stated, “Mayhem and Watain are excited to announce that what will be known in history as the ‘Sanguine Sodomy of North America’ is about to happen this summer of 2022, headlined by our two bands and featuring Famous Midnight are with us as special guests. We invite our friends and enemies in North America to bring the darkness and evil back to your land and join us on what will be one hell of an epic tour!”

The Sanguine Sodomy North American tour kicks off March 7 in San Francisco, with dates set for April 3 in Joliet, Illinois. Check out all the stations listed below.

Mayhem Watain Tour 2023

Mayhem & Watain Going On Co Headlining Tour W/ Revenge

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