Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023 – In this Spanish name, the first or father’s surname is Lafourcade, the second or mother’s surname is Silva.

María Natalia Lafourcade Silva (Spanish pronunciation: [maˈɾi.a natalja lafuɾˈkaðe silba], born February 26, 1984) is a Mexican pop-rock, jazz, and folkloric singer who, since her debut in 2002.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

He was one of the most successful singers in Latin America. Lafourcade’s voice is described as a lyric soprano.

Natalia Lafourcade Luce Botas De Charol Rojas En Los Premios Goya 2023

, surrounded by music and art. His father was the Chilean musician Gaston Lafourcade [es], who had new roles.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

And his mother, pianist Maria del Carme Silva Contreras. His uncle was the Chilean writer Ric Lafourcade, representative of the “generation of the 50s”.

As a child, Lafourcade studied music with his mother and imitated artists such as Gloria Trevi and Garibaldi. She is influenced by Fiona Apple, Björk and Café Tacvba

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

Natalia Lafourcade Llega A Lima Con Su Tour

His mother studied piano music pedagogy and is the creator of the Macarsi method of music education and personal development of children and teachers. He adapted and practiced the method with Lafourcade to help him rehabilitate through music after suffering a head injury from a horse’s kick.

He attended the Catholic High School Instituto Anglo Español and studied painting, flute, theater, music, acting, piano, guitar, saxophone and singing. At the age of 10, Lafourcade was singing in a mariachi band.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

In 1998, Lafourcade joined a popular music group called Twist. Members included Lafourcade, Tabatha Vizuet (former Gypsy member) and Ana Pamela Garces (former host of a children’s television program on TV Azteca).

Natalia Lafourcade Cuenta Su Experiencia Sexual Más Vergonzosa:

The group was unsuccessful and broke up the following year. Lafourcade said one of the reasons he didn’t like Twist and started looking for alternatives was the lip syncing (mime) during the performance.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

After high school, Lafourcade went to the Academia de Musica Fermatta, where he met Jima Sarinana, Juan Manuel Torreblanca and Alonso Cortés, who years later became the drummer of La Forquetina.

In 2000, producer Loris Ceroni presented the demos he received from Lafourcade and offered Lafourcade, aged 17, the opportunity to join a pop/rock band under his direction. Lafourcade hesitated and Cheron encouraged him to become independent. Lafourcade produced his first LP under the Sony Music label. Written in Italy with Áureo Baqueiro [es]. He played a concert at the Colegio Lic in Dolores Hidalgo. Alvaro de Osio and Ocampo recognized him throughout the country.

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Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

Natalia Lafourcade: Datos De Su Disco Que Ganó Un Grammy

In June 2002, Lafourcade released her first album, Natalia Lafourcade, a mix of pop, rock, bossa nova and Latin rhythms. The singles from the album were “Busca un Problema”, his biggest hits “el 2000”, “Te Quiero Dar” and “Mírame, Mírate”. During this time he was a major contributor to the soundtrack of the Mexican film Amarte Duele, writing the main theme of Amarte Duele, an acoustic version of the song, and also contributing three songs from his first album to the soundtrack. . : “Busca un Problema”, “el 2000” and “El Destino”. He also wrote the duet “Llevarte a Marte” with Leon Larregui [es] and contributed the song “Un Pato” for the film Temporada de pathos.

In 2003, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist for her debut album, and was nominated for Rock New Artist at the 16th Lo Nuestro Awards, losing to Mexican singer Alessandra Rosaldo.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

On the tour for her first album, Natalya Lafourcade stopped performing as a soloist and started performing with her group – Alonso Cortes, César Chanona [es] and Yunuen Viveros – as Natalya y la Forquetina.

Portugal. The Man Share New Song

In 2005, she released her second album Casa, but this time under the name of her band Natalia y La Forquetina. Primarily produced by Emmanuel del Real of Café Tacuba, Casa presents a more mature, rock sound, while retaining pop and bossa nova influences on some tracks, such as the single “Ser Humano” (pop-rock) and later. “Casa” (pop-bossa-nova). Áureo returned to produce several tracks that Baqueiro del Real did not produce.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

On June 2, 2006, after touring Mexico and parts of the United States, Lafourcade announced that he would be leaving La Forquetina to once again work as a solo artist. The last exhibition of Natalya y la Forquetina took place on August 18, 2006 in San Luis Potosí. After the band broke up, Casa won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Rock Album by a Duo or Group in September.

Also in 2006, a documentary about the group on the road and their travels was shown on MTV Tr3 in the fall of 2007.

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Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

Grammy Awards 2023: Here Are All The Nominees

Natalia Lafourcade appeared on other songs with various other singers. These include “Jardin” by Liquits, “Dia de Suerte” by Kalimba, “El Apostador” by Control Machete and Reiko’s version of Lafourcade’s song “Amarte Duele”. He also appeared on various compilation albums of previously unreleased tracks with his former band Intocable’s X, such as “Y Todo Para Que” on “Piel Canela” and Tin Tan’s tribute album Viva Tin Tan. In 2011, he shot the “Quisiera Sabre” music video with Los Daniels.

Natalya Lafourcade moved to Canada, where she met the People Project group and often collaborates with them.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

Lafourcade returned to Mexico and began working on Las 4 Estaciones del Amor, his first instrumental album, in collaboration with the Orquesta Sinfónica Juvil del Estado de Veracruz (OSJEV). The Sony BMG-labeled album also included a DVD on which he narrated the process of making the instrumental album. He also wrote the lyrics for the song “Tú y Yo” from Hima Sarinan’s album of the same name.

Natalia Lafourcade Cautiva Con Su Música En El Festival De Jazz De Montreal 2023

In 2008, she performed on the Julieta Vegas album and DVD on MTV Unplugged, playing several instruments, including bass. In 2008, he also attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, ​​Spain. That same year, he began recording his fourth album and performed at the Metropolitan Theater with former Porter singer Juan Son.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

Since 2008, Lafourcade has been planning his next album for early 2009. In May 2009, he released HU HU HU, a top 10 album in Mexico. The album was produced by Emmanuel del Real (producer of “Casa” in 2005), Marco Moro and Ernesto García. It features internationally recognized rock and pop artists such as Julieta Vegas and Juan Son. The first alternative single he offered was “Azul”, but the label released “Ella es Bonita” to radio and print at the same time. The album was released in the summer of 2009. Lafourcade started various projects. The influence of his Canadian presence and previous album Las 4 Estaciones del Amor can be felt on this album. In December 2009, HU HU HU made his official debut at Fru Fru Theater in Mexico City, playing Hello Seahorse! The group had guests such as Dise Gutierrez, Furland and Carla Morrison. It was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Album at the 2009 Latin Grammy Awards (won by Laura Pausini) and Best Latin Pop Album at the 2010 Grammy Awards (won by La Quinta Estación). Club Fonograma also named the album the second best of 2009.

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He joined the non-profit project Un Techo para mi País, which aims to support community development through temporary housing and other social empowerment projects for low-income people. She played the princess in the Spanish version of the computer-animated film The True Story of Puss ‘N Boots, produced by Frch and distributed by MK2 Diffusion. There he shared Kalimba and Juan José Origel [es].

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

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2010 was a year of cooperation for Natalya. He wrote the song “Contigo” with the Spanish band El Canto del Loco and the song “Quisiera Sabre” with the Mexican group Los Daniels. Together with Manolo García, he performed the duet “Pájaros de Barro” and “Cursis Melodia” for the Lunas del Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City. In 2011, Lafourcade won Best New Producer of the Year at the Indie-O Music Awards for his work on Carla Morrison’s Mitras Tú Dormías… and the Telehit Award.

He toured Japan again that year, on a more orchestral level, marking his musical and artistic development. So he created the documentary 14 Días Japón, which was included in the HU HU HU reissue.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

The HU HU HU tour spanned South America, Europe, the US, Mexico and Japan, culminating in a successful appearance at the Vive Latino Festival Iberoamericano de Cultura Musical in 2011, reconciling with the audience after its lackluster reception at the venue. in 2003. In 2012, he performed as an ensemble with the Banda de Música del Estado de Oaxaca [es] and presented a concert at the Plaza de la Danza in Oaxaca, performing traditional Oaxacan songs, boleros and songs. his repertoire.

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Her album Mujer Divina – Homage and Agustín Lara was released on September 18, 2012.

Natalia Lafourcade Tour 2023

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