New Bikes Tour De France 2023

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Trek couldn’t have asked for a better way to launch its new Madon SLR bike than at the Tour de France in Denmark’s Grand Départ.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

Although the team has already raced the bike at the Critérium du Dauphiné, its official unveiling was a day before the opening day, so the brand and team are now releasing more details.

Tour De France Trip • 2023 Tour De France

And the Mads don’t have the standard Madon SLR – if you can call it that with the unusual aero opening at the rear, they’re equipped with a stunning gold SRAM red flat chain and cassette.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

For more details on the new Madon, check out our official launch event. We also got a close look at Pedersen’s Track Speed ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​—————————————

Along with traditional tubulars, we’re seeing more tubeless clinchers in the propeloton, and of course plenty of new tubeless bikes.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

Cyclisme. Tour De France 2023

You won’t be hitting Maddon with gravel, but we bet you could stick a 35mm tire in it. the only.

If you think the pros have what it takes to ride, you’ve put some miles on this crank. Whether it’s due to a two-year lag in the development of Covid or just the result of an interesting coincidence, 2022 is shaping up to be a productive year. Launching a new bike. It’s been a busy spring for new bike enthusiasts around the world, with many brands jumping the starting gun for the Tour de France.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

News about new bikes and deliberately leaking news about the look and feel of the new bikes creates a lot of speculation. Know the design advantages, predict the aero characteristics and calculate its weight well. We like to think about what the bikes will have to offer if they are confirmed to be available.

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One thing remains clear, all brands, teams and riders want to have their best equipment ready for the Tour de France. If a World Tour team bike is currently (in development) and scheduled to be completed this year, you can bet everyone wants it for the Tour de France. The downside is leaving your newer, better, faster hardware out. No one wants to compete in the biggest race of the year like the Tour de France, a hotbed of new cycling technology.

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New Bikes Tour De France 2023

So what can we expect from PPE 2022? As mentioned earlier, 2022 will be a busy year for new bikes, so expect a whole fleet of confirmed new bikes, unconfirmed new bikes and unconfirmed new bikes. Starting with the known unknowns, here’s what we know:

The entire Jumbo-Wisma lineup rides on the already announced new Cervelo S5 and does so on any flat or sliding stage of Le Grande Boucle. It looks largely the same, but the new S5 has a few significant upgrades, as we discussed at first glance. Confirmation of the new S5 is coming soon and we expect Cervelo to announce all the aero updates.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

Mark Cavendish: Tour De France 2023 Has ‘ample Opportunities For Bunch Sprints

Shortly after breaking the cover on the new S5, we recreated the classic Cervelo Solo with a new frame. Again, the lead singer has not been officially announced, but the name has been confirmed and the Jumbo-Wisma development team will race the bike in the 2022 season. We don’t expect to see any new singers on tour, but it’s still an exciting ride for the official launch in the coming months. Inexpensive and lightweight, the Aero is at your fingertips.

This new track domain reported that the new Cervelos appeared on the UCI list within a week and then disappeared. The Domain then reappeared on the new Paris-Roubaix route and disappeared again before the official announcement.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

The peloton will be hoping to revisit the cobbles of northern France before hitting the pavement again on the fifth stage of the annual journey to the new domain. We can assume that we will get an official announcement of the new bike at the same time. John Degenkolb won the stage award last time riding the Domain in the Tour de France Paris-Roubaix and the track will be hoping for similar results to introduce a new style.

Tour De Future

At last weekend’s Trek-Segafredo Criterium du Dauphine, many riders spotted the new Trek Madone from the new bike. The new bike lives up to Madon’s recent aero-centric heritage, but its looks and wild new seat design are raising questions and already dividing opinion. We expect to see the new Maddon throughout the tour.

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New Bikes Tour De France 2023

Along the way, we’ve received news of the new Cannondale SuperSix Evo3 Limited Edition, which we hope will be a very light offering for the elite pros. Time will tell. We’ve also seen new time trial bikes from Merida, Colnago, BMC, Scott and Villiers this spring, and there’s plenty of talk of a new Pinarello set to debut in Copenhagen. There are no pictures or rumors of the upgrade yet, but we do know that Ineos Grenadeirs riders are testing the new tires. It’s been a big year for TT development, and that’s not to mention the new Cadex triathlon bike, which will never appear on the UCI list or the Tour de France.

Colnago then joined the new lightweight road bike party, enlisting Tadej Pogacar to design the new bike, which at the time appeared to be the successor to the V3R used by the two-time Tour champion. The current V3R is known to be well down the list of the world’s fastest touring bikes, and the team is struggling to get the disc brake version under the UCI’s 6.8kg weight limit.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

Tour De France Bikes: Mads Pedersen’s New 2023 Trek Madone Slr

We often see Pogacar opting for a wheelie for high mountain stages and recently the UAE Giro team opted for a new lightweight Campagnolo bike to get closer to the 6.8kg weight. But a new, lighter, faster, possibly stiffer, more expensive, more fun, all-aero frame is needed, and it looks like Colnago could deliver in time for this year’s Tour.

None of this would matter if Colnago didn’t offer a new set of genuine Colnago art deco wheels, but Nathan Haas’s AD10 livery gave the Italian brand some gravel with the G3-X.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

Pogacar tests the new Colnago air bike ahead of the Tour de France. We recently played a game to tell the difference between new and used bikes.

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Team Intermarche’s Jan Hirt – Wanted – Gobert Materiaux won the stage and finished sixth in the last Giro on the new Cube.

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New Bikes Tour De France 2023

The latest bike we’ve seen so far is from German brand Cube. The new frame, with its deep head tubes, dropper mounts and custom cut-tube aero cowls, is definitely Cube’s lightest aero single-frame solution, and looks like an all-around lightweight package. The bike made a successful debut at the Giro and it is logical to expect an official announcement regarding the new bike in July.

Of course, the new bike requires UCI approval to be used in UCI-sanctioned races, and while the new Cube is not in the catalog, close-up photos show the UCI frame approval logo on the seat tube.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

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It’s been a busy year to some extent, and luckily the new boom in touring shows no signs of slowing down as it reaches its peak. This year’s Grand Depart will be a tech corker, according to a recent update to the UCI-approved frames list.

An update to the UCI-approved framelist announced over the weekend offers some exciting new bikes on the way. The latest update to the list shows new frames approved for use in UCI events, including Canyon, Giant and Factor.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

With the UCI now allowing manufacturers to decide when frames appear on the list, we believe this latest update means confirmation of new bike brands is imminent. Unfortunately, no photos have surfaced yet, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled and will update this post when they are found.

Tour De France 2023 Route Revealed

Canyon Ultimate fans have been waiting three years for an update. The latest update to the Ultimate series returns for 2020 with a new CFR (Canyon Factory Racing) lightweight offering. It was a significant upgrade of the existing Ultimate with new carbon layers used to increase stiffness.

New Bikes Tour De France 2023

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