Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023 – Come out of the cold and dress hygienically at my cozy holiday party! You’ll have two chances to tune in this week: Christmas (Saturday, December 24th) at 8:00pm ET on my YouTube channel and again on Boxing Day (Monday, December 26th) at 2:30pm ET on my channel. . page from Facebook. Admission is free. I’m in the chat room/chat section on all screens and hope to see you there.

Our Misery Needs Company tour continues next week with five dates in the Northeast and nine dates in the Midwest and Texas. Join us. Is more better? Tickets are available on my DATES page.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

And my good friend Piff the Magic Dragon and I have added a San Francisco date to our Misery Loves Company tour in December.

Piff The Magic Dragon And Puddles Pity Party Are Coming To Lubbock

Tickets for all of these new shows are on sale now on my “Dates” page. I can’t wait to see you all on the road!

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

I’m hitting the road with my friend Piff The Magic Dragon. Tickets go on sale on Friday, February 11. Check my dates page to see if we are going to a city near you.

Check out all the new souvenirs in store. Along with a new CD and a new t-shirt and hoodie, I’m very excited to bring you the first issue of the Puddles Pity Party Program and Informative Magazine. I teamed up with my friend Bob Rucker to create a special editorial that returned to the National Lampoon, Spy and Mad Magazine. Packed with jokes and useful information as well as insights into life on the road, it’s perfect for home, work and any worship service! Cover by Robert Jimenez and photos by Emily Butler Photography.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

This Clown Strips Down Ozzy Osbourne’s

Hey. I am delighted to announce that Dave Hill will be joining me on tour next month. He brings his uniquely weird comedic and musical prowess to take this show to weird highs… and all new lows. Tickets on sale now. http://bit.ly/P3tour.

Hello P3s! I’m excited to join my new friends at MomentHouse to bring you another episode of my Sequestered Show series! This time I’m going back to my studio and gathering my old staff. There will be new music, surprise guests and just the right amount of silliness.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Get ready for Coffee Night because I’m having an After Party too! And on Saturday, August 21st, I’ll be doing a one-on-one video Meet & Greet (limited tickets available for the Meet & Greet event).

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Puddles Pity Party Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

Finally! I’m off to take my pristine show on the road! This trip starts in December. Limited VIP Meet & Greet packages available. Tickets go on sale on Friday 25.6. Click HERE for ticket links. I can’t wait to see you all!

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Did you know that Batdorf & Bronson now offers a subscription service? Automatic delivery every two weeks and free shipping. And they’re running a giveaway this week. Sign up and register for my Puddles Pity Party Mix and/or Decaf Night Coffee before June 25th for a chance to win a huge box of goodies from me and Batdorf & Bronson! The winner will be announced on June 28. Place your order HERE.

Hey. I have been able to overcome many bad habits in my life, but saying “NO” to sugar has been one of my biggest problems. They say everything in moderation. But sugar is stupid. What’s your secret to breaking a bad habit?

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Singer Puddles Pity Party Is Happy Being Sad

Tim DeLaney played all the instruments, arranged, produced and produced this one. Managed by Falcon. Kate Breakey’s Cardboard Cello. I did my own tricks. Ashleigh Prince spoke to Piff the Magic Dragon on the Piff the Magic Dragon & Puddles Pity Party: Misery Loves Company Tour about her favorite magic tricks, her Las Vegas show, America’s Got Talent and her dog Mr. ! Read the highlights of the interview or listen to the whole interview below. Tune in to Commonwealth Talk with Hank Stolz on WCRN at 830, Fridays at 9:00am and Saturdays at 1:00pm for more behind-the-scenes interviews.

Ashleigh: Good morning. Welcome back to the Hanover Theater. Today we’re talking about the green skinned magical machine, lizard taiga, magical Godzilla, Piff the Magic Dragon. Welcome Piff!

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Coming to the Hanover Theater on September 28th and we can’t wait to chat with you. I know you share the bill with Puddles Pity Party. I’m a big fan of hers too so I couldn’t wait to get it

Episode 244: Mike Geier (puddles Pity Party) & Ben Kronberg

Ashleigh: Your last stop at the Hanover Theater was in March 2019. I can’t believe the time has flown by.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Ashleigh: That’s amazing. I was an intern in 2020 and we were preparing for your return before everything closed, so I’m really excited to have you back on our main stage. I know you recently released a special on your YouTube channel called “Reptile Dysfunction.” I think everyone can look forward to new and really new songs from their show this year.

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Piff: That’s right, we’re bringing a new show to the Hanover Theater and we’ve been having a lot of fun lately. If people want to check out our YouTube channel, we have an hour long special with my long lost dad, Pop the Magic Dragon, played by Penn Jillette.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

John Lewis Christmas Ad Features Blink 182 Cover By Sad Clown

Ashleigh: Yes, I saw that! I’m not going to lie, I watched it before the interview and I’m a big fan of his too. I know you’ve collaborated with Penn & Teller a few times, but would you say Penn is one of your magical influences?

Piff: Yes, absolutely. Penn & Teller is an industry leader. I was on a TV show with them in 2011 and since then they have been my mentors and best friends. They met me in Las Vegas so it was nice to get to know them.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Ashleigh: You mentioned that you were in Las Vegas for a while and that you’re staying at the Flamingo, which is a great place. So if someone goes on vacation to Las Vegas and comes back to Worcester, is there a difference between what they see and the show that comes here?

Puddles Pity Party Comes To Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga

Piff: Yeah, we’re doing a completely different show in Vegas, so when people see us in Vegas and we go to their city, they know they’re going to see something different and different.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Ashleigh: I think one of the biggest differences is obviously Puddles. Not where you live, but how did you meet? How did you cross?

Piff: We met during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and also on the Australian tour. We all visited these places for our own shows and became friends over the years.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Orlando Concert Picks, Dec. 22 Jan. 12: Puddles Pity Party, New Year’s Eve Punk Rock Blowout, Machine Girl, .gif From God

Ashleigh: Exactly. I want to talk about your best friends, Piffles and Pimples and Jade Simone. I know Jade has been his assistant for a while and Piffles has been part of his act for a long time. Let’s talk a little bit about how they became a part of your show!

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Piff: Piffles has been on the show for 13 years. A rescue dog I got in Dundee, Scotland. I did my first show in Edinburgh and I thought, “This show can add something. A dragon doing magic isn’t enough, it needs something extra. The girl who ran the place had a chihuahua and we put her chihuahua in the show. It was a success and the next day we went out and got Mr. Piffles. We’ve been together ever since.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Piff: Jade and I met in Las Vegas before I was on “America’s Got Talent.” He was a comedian. When I went on “America’s Got Talent” I was traveling all over the place and then he came with me and we started doing the show. Over the years he became more and more my friend on the show.

Puddles Pity Party (doesn’t) Talk To Celebrityaccess About Vegas Residency

Piff: I think you need someone who can stand on their own two feet. I want someone who is a big part of the show and an assistant in the show.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Ashleigh: Throughout your tour, have you noticed any differences between the UK and North American audiences?

Piff: North Americans love magic. In the UK they are spending their time trying to figure it out.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Puddles Pity Party, The Clown Played By Big Mike Geier, To Play Butler

Ashleigh: Exactly. I think sometimes I get caught up in the magic when I actually watch and try to think of all the tricks and gimmicks, but I’m always overwhelmed.

Piff: Yes! It’s fun to just sit there and let it wash over you. Don’t worry too much about how to do this.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Ashleigh: You have appeared on TV a few times, one was on “America’s Got Talent”. I’m curious, how did this happen?

Michael Stipe, Weird Al & More Appearing On Puddle Pity Party’s Holiday Special

Piff: It was crazy because I was living in America at the time, but nobody knew who I was.

Puddles Pity Party Tour 2023

Mr. Piffles and I went on “America’s Got Talent” and six months later everyone knew

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