Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

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Profiles and route Tour de France 2023 | 22 km ITT; Col de la Los, Puy de Dôme, Grand Colombier, on the steep road

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

The 2023 Tour de France will take place from July 1 to 23, 2023 and will be the 110th edition of the Grand Prix. The three-week race in Spain’s Basque Country will have another masterful performance and show as the end of the cycling season.

Résultat Et Résumé

This article will be updated with trail profiles and descriptions. The official start and finish places of the races have been announced. It overlooks the large department of the Basque Country, with two mountain ranges in Bilbao and Donostia. The race goes straight from south-west France to the Pyrenees for two high mountain stages in Laurens and Coutures in Finals 5 and 6.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

The race heads north with the expected sprint finale in Bordeaux and the hilly stage in Limoges. The final day of the first week, stage 9, sees the return of the famous Puy de Dôme, where the riders will complete the toughest encounter yet. The second week begins in the mountains from Vulcania to Esoire. Stage 11 will feature the expected race finale in Molins, which will not coincide with the finale in Belleville-Beaujolais the following day.

Stage 13 kicks off the new race over the Jura Mountains and a wild climb to the Grand Colombier is on the menu. The second weekend will be incredibly difficult, with stage 14 ending in the descent of Morcin after a grueling climb up the Col de Jux-Plain, and stage 15 ending with a steep descent and a blast to finish on Mont Blanc Saint-Gervais. The land makes a critical date for the general classification.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

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Stage 16, which opens the third week of the race, is the only time trial of the race. The 22km challenge is ideal for youngsters as it sees two climbs, including the famous Côte de Domancy, before finishing at the complex. Stage 17 can be called the Queen’s Stage and after the climb of the Col de la Los you will see a big mountain stage and it will finish at the Courchevel Altiport.

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Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

Stages 18 and 19 will be transition days, with the final stages in Bourg-en-Bresse and Poligny. Stage 20 will be the final mountain stage in the Vosges as the peloton faces an explosive but very complex day of climbing en route to Le Marcstein after the final combination of Petit Balon and Col de Platzervasel.

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Note: Only levels 1, 2, 5, 6, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 20 are officially certified. The rest are reconstructions based on racial maps and intelligence. More updates will follow.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

The race will start in the Basque Country, the Holy Land of Cycling. It is confirmed news that it is the first one to encircle the city of Bilbao, with wide hill steps. It will be a good day for pits as the riders face Alto de Vivero and the last 2 kilometers climb at 9% (Côte de Pique) and maybe the GC battle will begin. Final ending 10 kilometers from Bilbao.

The second day will not be very different, this time with the final to be played in Donostia. Despite the relative closeness of the final of Jaisibel, the critical exit of the Classic does not arrive. With a gradient of 5% over 8km, it thins the peloton ahead of what will be a delayed final in the Basque city.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

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Stage 3 will be the first for pure sprinters, although it will not be completely flat to France and the seaside town of Bayonne.

Stage 4 is seen running east. Ducks to Nogaro will be a pure trap day with no real problems and some very fast guys testing.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

Stage 5 from Pau to Lawrence is the first high mountain day in the Pyrenees. As the early stage GC battle can be wide open, some insights are coming into this day. Although the first mountain stage of the return is normally blocked, it should not be here, as the stage is very steep, Col de Marie Blanca (last 4.8 km; 15.1 km; 7.2%); 10.5% You cannot hide if there are attacks. The year ends low and flat for Lawrence, as it did in 2020.

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A second day in the Pyrenees sees more famous climbs on the menu. Col d’Aspin (12 km, 6.5%) and Col du Tourmalet (17.1 km, 7.3%) join – as is customary – and take part in the French Tour de Femmes. A lot of damage can be done here, but it’s so far from the end that it’s unclear how the riders will fare.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

After a very short stage, it takes place in Cauterets-Cambesque. It will be the end of a tiring day, so variations are possible, but at 16km at 5.4% it won’t be uphill with many hard moves.

Stage 7 The cyclists will leave the Pyrenees and head north. The Tour de France welcomes the city of Bordeaux, perfect for fast people.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

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8th grade won’t be much different. En route to Limoges, runners are expected to experience some drag to the line in the central French city, although the roads will get tougher towards the end of the day.

Stage 9 marks the stunning return of the Puy de Dôme climb after a 35-year absence. For most of the day, only the last climb was a tough challenge. It will of course be difficult, a total of 13.3 km at 7.7%, however, the last 5 km at an average of 11%, this climb has not allowed any vehicles to take to the road at the moment. Except for the Tour de France.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

After the first rest day of the race, the peloton will have an uphill day through the Central Mountains. This is a textbook day off with lots of roller coaster rides and climbs throughout the day. There will be no flat roads all day, with 27 kilometers to go before the final (designated) climb before descending to Essoire.

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Stage 11 shows a bit of that climb, but it’s a flat start and the road to Mouline shouldn’t be steep enough to avoid a massive run.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

Level 12 is another day for isolated specialists. Drivers, shooters, time trialists and classic specialists gather on this day to predict the most difficult day for success. Although the start is quite difficult, the triple number of climbs for the final stage in Belleville-en-Beaujolais makes it very fragile.

At level 13 it is seen around a giant mountain. The Queen of the Jura Mountains, the Grand Colombier will have a very short day at the start of the pan, with little climbing ahead. All in all it’s a 17.4km climb at 7.1%, several switchbacks, some gradual gradients and a tough climb to kick off the alpine action.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

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Stage 14 will be one of the toughest stages of the race, with four climbs at the start of the day. It’s another small step, but it can make a difference. Col de la Ramaz (13.9 km, 7.1%) and Col de Joux Plane (11.6 km, 8.5%) warm up before descending to Morzine for the final climb. The tour is a traditional final, and there are often no clear distinctions between the favourites, but the stage allows for them to be created.

The last day of the second week will be another explosive alpine day. The longest starts with a short climb up Les Gets Les Portes du Soleil. It won’t be that difficult at the start, but the middle part of the stage will be very complicated, especially with the Col de la Croix Frye (11.3 km; 7%) and the Col des Aravis combo.

Stage 20 Tour De France 2023

However, the movement must be maintained until the end. directly

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