Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023 – “Jersey, welcome to the Idan Tour!” Taylor Swift on Friday night: “There’s one thing I dream up with the childlike enthusiasm of a hundred birthday parties, and that’s ‘Night 1 at MetLife Stadium.’ It sets the mood. He spent the weekend watching her anticipated performances at MetLife Stadium. In New Jersey, destroying the hearts and lungs of 83,000 fans on the planet. All three shows were chaotic joy filled with songs we’ve been waiting to hear for years. And Taylor was missed more than any of us.

Taylor Swift continues to build the legend of her tour dates week after week, city after city, to make every night longer, wilder, louder and happier. There is nothing comparable in history. This is his best tour yet. , with absurd edges. It’s a journey through her past, playing all the different Taylors she’s ever been, well, all the Taylors.

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

It was until today. Taylor always designs every tour to be the best night of your life. But he designed this night to be the best night

Taylor Swift Concert In Nashville: What You Need To Know About Nissan Stadium

Your life is here, all the times you have lived so far. He performs 46 songs, plus excerpts from several others. That means the show has 22% of his songbook, and don’t think he planned it that way.

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

This weekend I spent three nights in a row at these shows, each night singing and crying my way through the moving Thai apocalypse saga. But this feeling of cruelty will end soon. No one wanted to stop it. “If you think it’s normal, I can assure you, it’s amazing,” said Taylor, standing at the piano during Sunday night’s “Champagne Challenge.”

Taylor Swift and Ice Spice perform on stage at MetLife Stadium on May 26, 2023 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

General Public Ticket Sale For Taylor Swift’s 2023 Tour Canceled

No matter how many Taylor tours you’ve seen before, there’s something extra about the joy, the lust, the exciting release that people bring to this tour. He has had six No. 1 albums since 2018

The woman who responded to the “I’m fine” intro behind me and knelt down and sobbed in the fetal position for 10 minutes, you’re my goddamn hero.

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Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

The collective atmosphere at a Swift concert is always intense, but never more so. I was at the Night 1 stop for about 10 minutes before a stranger gave me a BETTY’S CARDIGAN friendship bracelet, which I still wear. I brought extra wipes which were handy

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Is Unbelievable

In the “Cursed Season” segment, a security guard approached and said, “Are you the guy with the napkin?” Another ER fan broke down in tears and told me, “I really love this album!” Only on the Taylor Show

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

The sheer bombardment of the genius’ songs was physically exhausting – he shocked the audience when he went from a duet of Phoebe Bridgers’ Nothing New to a 10-minute set of All Too Well. With people who want to stretcher, just to understand

. Two hours into the show, he still wasn’t done with the crowd. Taylor, what are you doing with us now? You know you’ve won, so what’s the point of keeping score?

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

Taylor Swift Addresses Eras Tour Stage Malfunction

One of the main paradoxes of Taylor Swift – and this woman is nothing short of a paradox – is that she writes songs about the smallest and most secret pains that you can’t even admit to your friends, except in the only way she knows how. processing those moments is making them scream louder than ever in the stadium. Singing “My Tears Ricochet” to an 80,000-seat stadium while Taylor walks around dressed as a gothic priest leading a bunch of black-hatted mourners is pretty weird. for most of us,

There are albums that we learned to sing in moments of closure, fear and isolation. Hearing other voices singing these songs with us completely changes the way they feel. The moment when Taylor hit the almost-secret “When I scream to the sky” line — and she really screams it to the sky — was on a whole new level for a brand new Taylor show.

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

During the performance, he celebrates every part of his career, with the exception of his national debut in 2006. (There is no other profession where such a grand debut would not be enough evening.) Some courses turned into full-fledged dance parties, for example.

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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Skips Canada

It was an era where he showed his early brilliance – he made a statement when he came off the track after the first stanza for a winning power spin. When he introduced “You Belong to Me” and “Love Story” and “Jersey, are you ready to go back to high school with me?”

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

With just one song, you can imagine that we are all about to throw a big party

On July 7. But what a song it was – “Bewitched” was the only song I needed at the time, summing up all the great emotional excess in the songwriting that really ignites on this album. She sang “Enchanted” in a princess outfit (new for these shows) that captured the song’s magical glow.

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

Taylor Swift To Launch ‘eras’ Tour In March 2023

Excited fans wait before Taylor Swift takes the stage at MetLife Stadium on May 26, 2023 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

It’s been a few hours since the show, but his emotional cruelty hasn’t stopped – honestly, the worst thing he’s ever done is to do it to us. He sings “Hahad” on the roof of a moss shack – a line that screams to the real audience: “You meet a woman on the Internet and

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

“He hit it hard at the top of ‘Illicit Matters’, the last line of ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ – a song about unpleasant encounters in parking lots, an hour after ‘Lala Morah’, a very different song. couple in the parking lot. Not much, but maybe after a few years his Daughter. Many of the songs were more comforting live because almost all of us in the audience had learned to sing them in times of extreme loneliness and isolation. His ‘Betty’, ‘Sweater’, he sang ‘My Tears Ricochet’ and the inimitable ‘August’ can be stopped and ended with ‘Get in the Car’.

Taylor Swift Dance Party

Each night, he’ll add surprise acoustic hits to his set list, one with guitar and one with just piano. On Friday night, he performed “Running Cars” (with Jersey Boy Jack Antonoff) and “Maroon.” On Saturday, it was a pair of New York love songs, “Holly Ground” and “False God.” But on Sunday night, he peaked when he delivered a line on “Welcome to New York” that people ignored in 2014 — “You can be who you want to be/Boys and boys, girls and girls. Then he delivered a devastating performed. piano cleaning . His enthusiasm is highlighted by missteps like “You guys always give 113%” or “You’re going to enjoy it!” “You’re a historically great crowd,” he said. continuing that tradition? “I was hoping you’d say that,” roared the fans. “If you had said no, I would have given up on the plan altogether.”

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Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

It was a really great feeling – perhaps the period that made the biggest difference in the live environment. It’s surprising how many of his most spiritual and introspective songs have translated into stadium hits, from the guitar pounding of U2’s “Tis the Damn Season” to the heartache of “Champagne Trouble.” “Arva” has become a gothic cult – the fans next to me said: “It has the feel of it here.” “Marjorie” sings Taylor along with the voice of her late grandmother, Marjorie Finley – nearly 20 years after her death. “He loved singing at MetLife Stadium,” Taylor said Sunday night. “I guess technically, he just did.”

“It’s All Right (Ten Minute Version)” was a smash hit, filling a huge venue with Taylor’s voice and thousands of her partners. He didn’t remember the first time he played it at MetLife Stadium — 10 summers ago, in July 2013. But 10 listens later, hearing “Everything’s So Good” in the same place seemed to wrap things up. he had traveled for the past 10 years. Like the rest of Ida’s tour,

Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2023

When Is Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Coming To The Uk?

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