Tesla Band Tour 2023

Tesla Band Tour 2023 – Tesla Time To Rock Tour 2023 Merch Tesla Rock Band 2023 Tesla Tour T-Shirt, Tesla Time To Rock Tour 2023 T-Shirt Set List

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Tesla Band Tour 2023

Tesla Band Tour 2023

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Tesla Time To Rock Tour 2023 Merch Tesla Rock Band 2023 Tour Shirt, Tesla Time To Rock Tour 2023 Shirt Info

Tesla Band Tour 2023

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Tesla Band Tour 2023

Tesla Time To Rock 2023 Tour Dates Rock Band Unisex T Shirt

Feel free to email us if you have any questions about your shipment! Email us: [email protected] Tracking When available, we’ll send you a tracking number along with your confirmation email so you can track your package online. Shipping Orders Multiple orders placed on the same day cannot be combined. Shipping to multiple locations Unfortunately, we cannot split an order and ship to multiple locations. If you wish to ship products to different locations, you will need to place a separate order for each shipping address. Address changes Unfortunately, we cannot change your address Shipping after order processing. Customs and delays Some countries may require import duties, taxes and duties. These fees, if applicable, are determined and collected by your country’s customs office. Payment of these costs is your responsibility. There may also be delays in delivery times due to customs inspections, which are beyond our control. . For more information, please contact your nearest customs office. After a month-long battle with COVID that left him in a state where he “couldn’t breathe,” guitarist Frank Hannon was finally “ready” to hit the road in his Tesla.

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The band is currently without drummer Troy Lucetta, who decided to “take some time off the road to spend with family and friends” after 35 years of touring. His replacement is Steve Brown, brother of former skin editor Doc “Wild” Mick Brown. Little Brown “saves the day,” according to Hannon.

Tesla Band Tour 2023

Now celebrating 40 years, the rock band continues to tour and record new music, which is unbelievable for the veteran guitarist. “When I was 18, I wrote the first album, man, I didn’t think about 40 years later,” he tells UCR. “I had no idea we were in the future, in 2021. I mean, it sounds like a science fiction movie to me.”

Tesla Rock Band 2023 Tour Dates T Shirt

Hannon shared insight into the band’s latest single, “Cold Blue Steel,” as well as playing live with Lynyrd Skynyrd and reminiscing about touring with David Lee Roth.

Tesla Band Tour 2023

Let’s talk about this new song, “Cold Blue Steel”. It seems to have come as all good songs often do, very organically. Can you walk us through this?

I have been training young artists in my studio for the past year and a half. So my production and recording continued. When I knew we were hitting the road in a few months with Tesla, I called [Tesla singer] Jeff [Keith] and said, “Hey man, why don’t you come. Let’s write a song and record it. The studio is ready and we can make something.

Tesla Band Tour 2023

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He burned because of it. We wanted to come up with something new for this tour. I was jamming in my garage on this thing with [Jimi’s] stripped down Hendrix vibe. On the way home, he listened to Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Saturday Night Special.” He turned it on and fired at him. Around that time, the news was violent, so I said, “Why don’t we touch on the subject here?”

Now, as Tesla likes to be, we are very fair. If you listen to the songs, they sound like “modern cowboy” when we deal with current issues. Like “US/USSR, foreign countries, terrorist interests,” but we don’t support either side. “Cold Blue Steel,” I touched on it the same way. The song is really about people’s intentions.

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Tesla Band Tour 2023

.” The song is about bad intentions. It’s not about guns, really. Even if it started that way. “Cold Blue Steel” could be the plane you fly into a building if you’re a bad person.

How Tesla Fought Back From Grunge ‘failure’

You talked about how the song starts out inspired by Skynyrd. do some shows together. what? Do you know Skynyrd? We know Lynyrd Skynyrd. We have a history with them. In the ’90s when they got back together, I toured with them on The Last Rebel tour, [with] Gary [Rossington], and Leon [Wilkeson] was still there [as] Billy Powell. We are Johnny Van Zant’s best friends. We met them in Paris. I did a concert with them last year.

Tesla Band Tour 2023

But more than that, we love their music. They are the kind of band that write songs like “Simple Man” and “Tumanne’s Gone” and “Free Bird”. Songs that come from the heart. They are one of our biggest influences. When I wrote Cold Blue Steel, I didn’t know we were going to date them.

It was only after that that I got the call, “Hey, guess what, you’re opening for Skynyrd.” And we’re like, “Hey, guess what on our side, we just wrote one

Tesla Band Tour 2023

Indarti Tesla Band Indarti Tour 2019 Shock Tour Shirt

I remember as a 12 year old boy driving and listening to the FM radio. “Free Flight” was on the radio. Obviously the guitar solos at the end are amazing. Everyone knows how big he is. But the beginning of “Free Flight”, with Gary Rossington playing that guitar, is very slow and exciting. I remember being a child and this voice immediately touched me and made me feel a certain way that I had never felt before.

Tesla recorded his latest album, 2019’s Shock, on the road with Def Leppard’s Phil Cullen as producer. How has that experience affected the way you create the songs you’ve been working on lately?

Tesla Band Tour 2023

It was eye-opening to realize that it could be done. You can record an album these days anywhere. You don’t have to go into an expensive studio and we had the mindset that we couldn’t write songs on the road because we were too busy doing sound checks and all that stuff. But the truth is, you can get more inspiration along the way, and you can do it if you manage your time properly. What we’re going to do now is just keep writing as the event occurs and keep it fresh. [Tesla bassist] Brian Witt and I are going to start a studio and do what we’ve been doing

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Tesla The Band

I saw the band on the original reunion tour in 2001. You guys have managed to add many chapters to the Tesla story since then. It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed.

Tesla Band Tour 2023

It was a bad way. It’s not an easy road. In its first half, from ’86 to ’96, we humbled ourselves and worked and didn’t stop and didn’t take a break. And then it came to a head. We all felt confused and the top came off. We had to take a break. But I didn’t do it. We got mad at each other and broke up and went through all kinds of legal nonsense.

If only we had taken a break, it could have been different. We got back together and had to change guitarists, but [guitarist] Dave [Rude] has been with us for over 15 years. What a solid guy, man. The team is strong.

Tesla Band Tour 2023

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I talked to Dave. He is a good and strong man, as you say. It’s hard to find that kind of chemistry with a guitar player even once, so the fact that you were able to find magic again with Dave is really cool.

Thanks. It wasn’t easy, man. Initially, when we were going through hard times again with our old guitarist, we started shopping around for about a year. I checked the group of guys and I had one guy going

Tesla Band Tour 2023

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