The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas – Fans packed Arlington’s AT&T Stadium Sunday night as The Weeknd sold out his North Texas stop.

The Canadian singer released his fourth studio album “After Hours” in March 2020. Two years later, to celebrate the new, post-pandemic era, he released his fifth album, Dawn FM, which reflects on life, family and love.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

The show was opened by Snoh ​​Aalegra, who replaced Doja Cat, who pulled out of the tour after telling fans she was going to have tonsil surgery.

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The Weeknd’s two-hour set opened with “One Again” and “Gasoline.” The procession of performers in gauze-like burkinis resembles scenes from the books “Dostopia” and “Sheep’s Tale”, while “Kurbanlík” sounds through the stadium, the song “Kurbanlík” appeared.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

We’ve come to know the artist thanks to his record-breaking hits (Blinding Lights spent the most consecutive weeks in the Billboard Top 100) and aesthetic statements. Who can forget the time he wrapped himself in a bandage only to “reveal” his face completely transformed by plastic surgery?

Unsurprisingly, Sunday night’s show was visually rich, with a 24-piece band and pyrotechnics taking concertgoers on a spectacular visual and lyrical journey.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

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The Weeknd gave Dallas an emotional shout-out, saying the city has a “good vibe.” Before entering the 2015 hit Can’t Feel My Face, he produced another song for Dawn FM. The cityscape behind him was shrouded in Voldemort’s smoke as Kanye West’s “Storm” played.

Four pillars of fire erupted from the track of the two-set leg as The Hills received a rousing response from the crowd. The crimson stage remained on display as the artist, born Abel Tesfaye, performed “Often”. Drake’s “Crew Love” turned hanging moons and cityscapes into eerie shades of gold and yellow.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

Grammy Award-winning hit Starboy ended the set with a bang, turning the set into a Great Gatsby/Emerald City, green screen. “Heartless” led into a vocal that The Weeknd praised as “only Dallas can sing.”

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Before the show, attendees were given wristbands that flashed to create a crowd flickering effect.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

Party Monster brought back pyromagic; “Death to You”, “Wicked Games” and “Dawn” brought fans back to Abel’s earlier work before setting the stage for the final mega-hit “Save Your Tears” on Blinding Lights.

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The singer’s praise seemed sincere to Dallas fans. The audience threw flowers on stage and chanted his songs. The Weeknd seemed visibly moved by the crowd’s enthusiasm, pausing between songs to thank fans for their loyalty and promising to add two Dallas dates to his next tour.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

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After Dawn heads west to Denver, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco and Phoenix later this month. Among the opening acts are Mike Dean and Aalegra, who will portray Kaytrana for the first time on Sunday.

Sunday’s concert reminded us that there is nothing wrong with being “blinded by the light”. The Weeknd is more than an artist who has dominated radio for the past decade, he is also a great showman who offers substance and dedication to the art in his commentary. We need something or someone to keep us from walking.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

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The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

By using this website, you agree to our terms of use, cookie policy and privacy policy. The Dallas Observer may receive a share of sales from our affiliate partners for products and services purchased through links on our site. © 2023 Dallas Observer, LP. All rights reserved. DETROIT – We were in a bit of a hypnotic trance as we sat through The Weeknd’s massive stadium show at Detroit’s Ford Field on Wednesday, July 27th. the sense of horror is completed by a light show set to music from the 80s.

After Hours Till To Tomorrow starts around 6:45pm with Kaytranada and Mike Dean and runs until 8:15pm. And then, in an almost silent hour, with only the sounds of the crowd and a soothing, almost repetitive, quiet and ominous instrumental, you desperately want to stop liking the movie villain.

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The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

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The Weeknd took the stage at 9:20 p.m. accompanied by a number of people covered from head to foot and with their faces hidden. The scene was an apocalyptic model of Toronto. On the other side of the stadium was a large moon, motionless but appearing to face the artist’s hometown in Canada.

The seats were different at this concert. Instead of facing the stage, they turned left or right, facing the huge catwalk that stretched the length of the stadium, so the large LED screen was on the right or left.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

From the floor, the bass was ugly, uncomfortable and punishing from the right, like an old wooden roller coaster painfully vibrating the whole body.

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Floor seats were expensive, but the audience was also scarce, as the star of the show spent 90 percent of the ninety-minute concert on a stage that was much lower than the stage.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

It’s like a game where Waldo tries to find The Weeknd on the ground. Many fans stood awkwardly in their seats to catch a glimpse of him, and security and ushers waded through the crowd as he played, yelling at them to get off. Fans who want to sit closer will not know how good it is with amazing views.

Despite the backlash, The Weeknd played like a consummate professional, energetic and commanding his 40,000 fans.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

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The massive bass tended to drown out his powerful vocals for most of the night, but they didn’t seem to care as the crowd of fans watched. They jumped and sang every word to most of the 29 songs, many of which were packed.

Lasers and 80s-style light beams shone from all sides, creating a spectacular light show throughout the concert. Additionally, fans were given wristbands that lit up in different colors during certain songs, giving the impression of being in a space with tens of thousands of flashing lights at once.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

This concert turned out to be just as big as The Weeknd’s stadium tour, albeit with a small visual component that made it difficult to watch. “Next time we’ll be at Ford Field two nights in a row,” The Weeknd told the crowd, promising to return in the future.

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If you purchase a product or register for an account using one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. When you browse this website, we may share your information with our social media partners in accordance with our privacy policy. Special guests Mike Dean and Chxrry22. The next leg of the tour kicks off at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on Monday 20 November with stops in Australia and New Zealand.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

The sold-out World Stadium was a huge success, breaking attendance records and grossing over $350 million to date. The tour broke the London Stadium attendance record with 160,000 concert goers over two nights. The Weeknd also completed his biggest headline show to date, breaking Wembley Stadium’s sell-out record with a traditional one-end stage concert that sold 87,000 tickets. In Milan, The Weeknd sold more than 159,000 tickets, becoming the first artist to sell out two nights at the Ippodromo La Maura, while his shows in Paris this year were the biggest sell-outs at the Stade de France in two years. date 151,000. Additionally, The Weeknd’s show in Nice, France sold 70,000 tickets over two shows, the most in the city’s history.

Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations World Food Program, is once again donating funds from the next leg of his tour to the XO Humanitarian Fund, which supports the organization’s response to the unprecedented global food crisis. The recently concluded European leg of the tour raised more than 1 million for the foundation through ticket sales.

The Weeknd Tour 2023 Dallas

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The foundation also raised money through ticket sales for the North American leg of the tour

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