Tour De France 2023 Predictions

Tour De France 2023 Predictions – Starting with a bang, this adventure explores the beautiful mountains surrounding Bilbao. It has 3,300 meters of climbing and five climbs, three of which are over 45 km. The first hour of driving will take us straight into the forested hills surrounding the city, before heading north to the beautiful and rugged coastline of the Bay of Biscay. Take in the scenery and atmosphere when you go to Guernica (made famous by the 1937 air raid that caused Picasso’s painting of the same name). From here we walk a 35km loop along the coast, past the beautiful Laga beach and into the village of Nabaniz (vertically) before passing Guernica for the second time. The way back to Bilbao will take us to a green area, with red buildings. There is a final climb to Pike Bidea (look for a 15% section), panoramic views of the city below, and a 5% climb to finish your legs at the end.

Lite: Two shortcuts can be done today: first from Gatika to Unduliz and then to the Guernica stage. You remove 55km and 800m of climbing, and with 2500m of climbing while still and among other cyclists on Le Loop, you make the day better than 130km.

Tour De France 2023 Predictions

Tour De France 2023 Predictions

From the medieval city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, this episode explores the forested area that surrounds the capital of the Basque region in the mountains. We pass the reservoir of Zadorra, which provides drinking water to most of the locals, and after passing our highest point (only 700 meters), we quickly descend to the town of Arrasate, in the peak of the Alavese mountains. We then head back to the lush green areas of the Basque interior and enjoy some change while tackling the first two climbs of the day. This is the longest stage of the 2023 Tour, and the route is still steep, with around 3,000 meters of climbing, but gradients rarely exceed 6% making it manageable. After crossing the Gipuzkoa region on a quiet winding mountain road, we will reach the true symbol of today’s trip – Jaizkibel. This important peak, located outside the city where it ends, is seen every year in the Clásica de San Sebastián, offering a beautiful view of the ocean as we prepare for the final.

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Light: It is still a length of more than 100 kilometers, but the short straight at the end of the stage of San Sebastián will lose you 40km and 750m of climbing, bringing it to 170km with 2300m of climbing. .

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Tour De France 2023 Predictions

It is a challenge for the most beautiful part of the Tour with more than 60km of coastal scenery… We start inland, crossing the lush Côte de Trabakua and passing through the jungle to to the beaches of Lekeitio with a beautiful view. in Biscay along the winding road. With many agreeing that cycling is fun. We ride along a road winding balconies overlooking the blue Atlantic ocean, occasionally turning inward to see the dangerous Côte d’Itziard and the equally difficult Côte de Benta. Once again we pass through San Sebastián and look at Jaizkibel first and go to Irun (passing its historic port with boats and restaurants overlooking it) and ride across the border to France. Crossing the French Basque country, we enjoy a few more kilometers of quiet coastal roads, then turn for a few rugged hilly kilometers to Bayonne, a beautiful and relaxing city that is known for its the ham and laid back vibe.

Lite: For a Grand Départ cyclist, you can take the lift at the first stop in Lekeitio, giving everyone the pleasure of the coast in this stage, but over 140km rather than 185 km.

Tour De France 2023 Predictions

The Route 2023 • Le Loop

Proving once again that there is no flat place in the Tour de France, today’s ride will take us from the former bullfighting capitol of Dax through the pine trees that are close to the coast and to the foothills of the low-lying populated areas. . Expect rolling fields of corn and sunflowers and distant views of the Pyrenees hovering over the vineyards. We will probably have a tail on our way away from the coast – although we will turn west again in the last mile on our way to the final stage at Nogaroo Raceway. This stage is not as hard on the legs as the next one, so it’s a good time to warm up, enjoy the scenery, get to know your riders and plan to support each other on the the next mountain.

Lite: A short section at the end of the stage is easy 40 km of the distance of the stage and is flat today. So your first day of cycling will be 140 km without pressure.

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Tour De France 2023 Predictions

The first few hours of this stage will feel like a French cycling holiday (oh wait, it is!). In the fertile countryside south of Pao, the mountains grow closer and closer and the landscape gradually narrows around us. The drive uphill begins in the beautiful karst valley of the Uhaïtxa river, which takes us to our first pass of the day – 1540m Col de Soudet (15km at only 7%). The climb, which got steeper as the altitude increased, took us out of the lush valleys we had enjoyed so far and above the tree line we were treated to a view of the high mountains in the distance Spanish border. From here it is a rocky descent, a short climb to the fast, pastoral Col Dicher, and then our last climb of the day: Col du Marie Blanc (7.7km at 8.6%). From here it is an easy downhill and about 7 km from the next valley to Laronze. The total height gained today is 3400 meters. A hard day without anyone to worry about the tradition of dinner.

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Lite: If you want to save your energy for tomorrow and enjoy a controlled day, you can take the short route after 50 km that crosses the Col de Soudet and takes you directly to the victory of the Col d’Ichere and Col de Marie Blanque. . Your day will be 110 km and climbing will be cut in half.

Tour De France 2023 Predictions

Leaving the most popular town of Tarbes, we continue in the morning, following the beautiful Neste River to the charming village of Arreau, where we swing straight to the main road and the Head straight for the Col d’Aspin. is the meeting. It’s visible from a distance, so you can see what you’re aiming for (and how fast you’re getting). From here we descend through a beautiful secluded valley to Sainte-Marie-des-Campans, called Tourmalt Base Camp. Then there is the famous 17km climb from the trees to the 70s-like Lamongue ski resort, past ski lifts and llamas, to one of the cols over 2000m this year. Tormalt! You’ve ticked the bucket!

Our reward is a total of 30km of descent before a peaceful but very beautiful climb to the Plateau du Cambasque, an average of 5.4% over 16km, with some surprises that switch back and give us a chance to go in a way that we have not been. search later. the big names we have. I visited the stage.

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Tour De France 2023 Predictions

Tour De France 2022 Stage 18 Preview: Route Map And Profile Of 143km Road To Hautacam

Believe it or not, this stage covers 3,750 meters of ascent over 145 kilometers. We will take you there, but it’s worth it!

Our hotel is located in Cauterets, which is a ski town 500m and 10km below the end of the true level (on the slopes), so the Lite option is to stop at the hotel – you still have to climb Col d’Aspin and. Tourmalet and you from climbing. I am very happy at an altitude of more than 3000 meters.

Tour De France 2023 Predictions

This stage takes us from the forest to the vineyard with fast and mostly straight roads that make the team ride. We spend the first few hours enjoying the shade of Europe’s largest man-made forest, before entering the wine country around Bordeaux, then the Garonne Valley of the city. If you’ve never experienced the thrill of riding a bike through French vineyards before, prepare to be amazed – it looks, feels, and with the sun, there’s no place you’d rather be. There is no big climb at this stage to be a problem for us and the forest provides shelter from the wind of the coast, allowing us to enjoy the roughness of the French tarmac and the company of us fellow riders.

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It is the paradise of cycling in France, starting with vineyards and castles, giving way to medieval villages and flower market squares, and ending with forest slopes and paths beautiful farm, when it goes to the northeast from the region of Gironde and Then. we crossed the Dordogne. The history here is rich and you can feel it when you ride. The Dordogne is home to 160 of France’s ‘most beautiful villages’, more than any other region, and now you are cycling through the landscape, villages and scenery.

Tour De France 2023 Predictions

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