Tour De France Teams 2023

Tour De France Teams 2023 – How the press react to the Tour de France 2023 road shows The 2023 Tour de France Femmes and Tour de France routes were unveiled in Paris last night, attended by Christophe Mallet, David McKenzie, Bridie O’Donnell and Matt Keenan to discuss what the course has to offer for next year’s race.

Tour de France general manager Christian Prudhomme poses with a map showing the men’s 2023 Tour de France route during the official presentation of the cycling race, in Paris, on October 27, 2022. Credit: Getty / ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT / AFP via Getty Images

Tour De France Teams 2023

Tour De France Teams 2023

After last year’s victory, expect the road for the second edition of the Tour de France Femmes, eight stages and 956 kilometers of the entire race to the women’s peloton.

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The organizers have made some positive changes to the event, as the women will not leave the Champs-Élysées this year after the men’s competition ends, but will leave the city of Clermont-Ferrand on July 23rd.

Tour De France Teams 2023

From there, the route focuses on climbing, as the riders will only face the second stage with 2,500 meters of altitude and the sixth ascent on the program before the finish in Mauriac.

The Femmes peloton enters the grand finale with the 7th stage featuring the famous Tourmalet climb for the first time before the final stage takes the riders on a 22km time trial around the city of Pau.

Tour De France Teams 2023

Tour De France 2023 Route

The exciting introduction to the brutal climb of the Tourmalet comes from commentator Bridie O’Donnell, who describes each team’s strategy for this year’s race.

“It’s a big step up, but we’ve seen women handle it,” she told Christophe Mallet and David McKenzie as the three watched the show.

Tour De France Teams 2023

“[The Tourmalet] will really split and inflate the peloton and affect the types of riders that each team selects for this second Tour de France Femmes.”

Tour De France Bike Tours

Another big story for O’Donnell was the individual time trial to finish the women’s race and how expert riders had the opportunity to tip the scales in their favor on the final day.

Tour De France Teams 2023

“We heard from World Hour record holder Ellen van Dijk about her desire to have more tests for the UCI World Tour, and to have one in this women’s Tour de France is very big,” O’Donnell said of the tournament. orange

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Next came the men’s races and another mountain event to mirror the women’s, with 30 men’s races over 21 stages.

Tour De France Teams 2023

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The race starts in the city of Bilbao in Spain’s Basque region, one of Europe’s bike-crazy places, where commentators Matt Keenan and Dave McKenzie say they expect to see plenty of fans.

“There are two parts of the world that offer the greatest passion for cycling – the Basque Country and the Flemish. The Basque Country loves the bad weather and they love the slopes, it’s on a different, narrow road .”

Tour De France Teams 2023

“When the Vuelta stage finished or started in Bilbao, the biggest crowd was there,” McKenzie said.

Tour De France Winners

The Spanish fans from the beginning, it was brutal and 3,300 meters high in the valley around Bilbao.

Tour De France Teams 2023

After three stages in Spain, the race heads towards the Pyrenees and then goes north with the 9th stage to the long-awaited summit up the Puy de Dôme (13.3 km, 7.7%).

In the second week, the peloton goes to the Alps, and at the Grand Colombier on Bastille Day and then the finale at the Alpe d’Huez to celebrate France’s national day in last year’s race.

Tour De France Teams 2023

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The summit of Sant-Gervais Mont Blanc is on the 15th stage before the time trial from Passy to Combloux on the 16th stage.

“There are 30 climbs, most of them [the Tour de France] are ridden, but there is no stage that really stands out and you say ‘this is the big day’,” he said.

Tour De France Teams 2023

“The main thing I take away from the design of the track is that it’s almost impossible for the team to control it. It becomes a chaotic race, that’s where the entertainment is.”

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Tour De France Teams 2023

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The Tour de France 2023 starts on Saturday 1 July, a year after Jonas Vingegaard became Denmark’s second Grand Tour winner. Read on for everything we know so far, including a full breakdown of the race’s 21 stages.

Tour De France Teams 2023

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The Tour de France 2023 will begin on July 1, 2023 with the Grand Depart in Bilbao in the Basque Country.

After three stages on the western side of the Pyrenees, the French Grand Tour comes home and prepares to focus on the five massifs of France: the Pyrenees, the Massif Central, the Jura, the Alps and the Vosges.

Tour De France Teams 2023

The main stages are the second stages of the Col d’Aspin (12km, 6.5%) and the Col du Tourmalet (17.1km, 7.3%) which are also in the Tour de France Femmes; Section 16 as an individual test for competition; Stage 17 with over 5,000m vertical gain and stage 20 of the climb to Le Markstein Fellering.

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There are no deviations from the standard plans for the last day, which also ends with a flat walk to a sprint finish on the Champs-Élysées.

Tour De France Teams 2023

Bilbao is the first stage of the Tour de France as a city, and the first stage will be decided for the first mail race of the 2023 race. Côte de Pike is in the last 10 km of the race, and it is possible to open a spring for the glory of the stage.

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The second stage was the longest stage of the competition. His last was in Saint-Sébastien, which was the first Spanish city to host the Tour de France in the 1949 edition, a day that Louis Caput won after the break. 8.1 km (5.4%) Jaizkibel is 192.5 km long and 209 km long.

Tour De France Teams 2023

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The last day in the Basque Country is a flat area in France for the runner to run on the roads to Bayonne.

It’s our first show! Pau has a long history with the Tour de France, most recently in 2021. The Tour de France Femmes peloton also ends its second edition in Pau, but with an individual test.

Tour De France Teams 2023

Stage 5 is the first mountain stage of the Men’s Tour de France, including the Col de Soudet (15.1 km, 7.2%) and the Col de Marie-Blanque (7.7 km, 8.6%) on the way on Laruns.

Tour De France

The Col du Tourmalet (17.1 km, 7.3%) is back. More than 80 stages of the Tour de France, which returns with a vengeance at the top of the Tour, a terror between the Col d’Aspin (12km, 6.5%) and the end of Cauterets-Cambasque (16km, 5.4% ). .

Tour De France Teams 2023

The second-longest stage of the 2023 Tour should be one for the fans, but only if they can navigate the short climb before the finish in Limoges.

Immediately after the first rest day, it ends on the 10th stage of Vulcania – the European Volcanism Park dedicated to scientific culture – in Issoire, to organize its second Tour de France since 1983. Pierre Le Bigaut rode almost 100 kilometers solo for the victory. See an adventurous surfer beat this?

Tour De France Teams 2023

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Stage 12 is a hilly road from Roanna to Bellevillie-en-Beaujolais. If everything goes according to plan (and fails), it’s a disaster

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