Wilco 2023 Tour

Wilco 2023 Tour – Wilco has announced its Sky Blue Sky destination event, which will return to the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico, December 3-6, 2023. The four-day, all-inclusive event will feature: three sets from the American rock bands . along with a new lineup of talented guests.

“Sky Blue Sky is something we feel blessed to do and look forward to every time we get together,” said Jeff Tweedy, head of Wilco. “We love sharing music with friends and we love meeting people throughout the day. It’s nice to get under the clouds from time to time. “

Wilco 2023 Tour

Wilco 2023 Tour

Along with three sets from Wilco, Sky Blue Sky will feature Father John Misty, Sylvan Essa, Lucinda Williams, Waxahatchee, Kevin Morby, a solo set from Tweedy, Built To Spill.

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Most importantly, for the third edition of Sky Blue Sky, the event offers the option of staying in suites at the Hard Rock Hotel, which is fully booked for the event, or in upgraded suites at the UNICO 20 °87° Resort, although a very small number of upgraded suites in the designated luxury location – just 15 minutes from Hard Rock – will be available. Free transportation to scheduled Hard Rock games and sporting events is also included.

Wilco 2023 Tour

Sky Blue Sky is also partnering with the charity Positive Legacy to combine live music with services and community events during the event. Positive Legacy has impacted the Riviera Maya community by providing emergency, medical, and school care, building playgrounds and community gardens, conducting large-scale beach cleanups, and improving city infrastructure. The largest campsite in the Yucatan.

Pre-sale for returning guests will open on March 21, public sale on March 22 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Find out more and find tickets for Sky Blue Sky here. If you purchase a product or service reviewed by an independent organization through a link on our site, Rolling Stone may receive an affiliate commission.

Wilco 2023 Tour

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, finally arrives this week, and to celebrate, the band announced a series of new summer tour dates and shared a video detailing the latest series of pop-up shows in Chicago.

The band’s upcoming tour will begin with a three-night residency: the first at the Riviera Theater in Chicago (March 23, 25 and 26) and the second at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, New York (March 30, 31 and April). 1). After a previously announced performance in Iceland, Wilka will return to the US for a tour that kicks off on April 16th at the High Water Festival in Charleston, South Carolina and ends on April 30th at the Auditorium. . Athens, Ohio.

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Wilco 2023 Tour

Horsegirl will support Wilco dates in Chicago and Port Chester (the band also promised “no repeats” of the shows). And the A’s are opening for Wilco during the North American leg. The newly announced daily tickets go on sale this Friday, January 20th at 10am. local time. Full details are available on the Wilco website.

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Along with the announcement of their summer tour, Wilco shared a 15-minute video documenting three concerts they played at Carol’s Pub, a popular Chicago nightclub, 10 years ago in November. The video includes performances of “Speaking Story”, “I’m My Mother”, “Cruel World” and “Breaking Down (Now)”.

Wilco 2023 Tour

Wilco also announced the return of Wilcoworld Radio, which will air online from today until January 24th. The digital channel will host hours of DJ sets from every member of Wilco, rare recordings and secrets from contemporary live shows, Wilco cover sets, deep dives.

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Wilco 2023 Tour

Watch Wilco Cover The Beatles, Bob Dylan With Yo La Tengo

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Wilco 2023 Tour

At first, coming out of Uncle Tupelo, you get the impression that Wilco is a country band, or any country band. And there is evidence to prove it…

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We’ve never felt comfortable with that definition, the idea that I make country music. But now that we’ve been here a few times, we’ve been interested in breaking free in that mold and accepting the constraint of just calling the music we make Earth.

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Wilco 2023 Tour

It is almost entirely formed by a way of life, with so little. All of them – Tweedy, John Stirratt, Glenn Kotche, Mikael Jorgensen, Pat Sanson and Nels Cline – were at home, playing together at The Loft in Chicago, not separated by batteries. It’s a completely different delivery method that Wilco hasn’t used since.

The nature of the recording forces the band to surrender and learn to trust each other and each other’s imperfections, musical and otherwise.

Wilco 2023 Tour

Wilco Said Its New Album Was ‘country.’ The Reality: It’s Complicated

But when it works properly, it’s like assembling a wild musical instrument that requires six sets of hands to play.

In addition to the entries, there is a free narrative about the history of the United States. There is an almost official image of America that emerges from the way the record moves. “

Wilco 2023 Tour

It’s all jumbled up and mixed up, my personal feelings about America often intertwined with all of our deeply intertwined myths. Simply put, people come and problems arise. Worlds collide. That’s good. And brutal

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The essence of American identity began to disappear for me as the profile moved towards the light and opened up to other forms of space – facing fears, not belonging to another country or group that does not have to be your own.

Wilco 2023 Tour

All in all, Bad World is an album that doesn’t shy away from its challenges, and there’s no denying that we still live in troubled times. “

As a white, middle-class kid in America, country music, more than any other genre, has always been the right place for me to talk about what I care about most — which country music has long been. I was born in the United States. And because I love country, and because I love country music, I feel a responsibility to explore the qualities that are embodied in it. I believe it is important to challenge our love for the wrong things.

Wilco 2023 Tour

Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky

When someone can sing and has a voice…well, it’s hard not to pay attention. We are looking into it. It’s a cruel world, but it’s also very beautiful. Love it or leave it. Or, if you can’t love yourself, maybe you’re gone

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Wilco 2023 Tour

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Wilco 2023 Tour

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